TASTY: Cauliflower, Coconut oil, Turmeric, and Ginger Stew Recipe

The hot days are coming, but this delicious stew recipe won’t go away quickly.

Sometimes I make stews even in the middle of the summer when you strive for something quick and easy.

However, this delicious stew is perfect for meat eaters of vegetarians. It’s easy. If you are not a vegetarian and you want some meat in it, feel free to add your favorite one. It goes excellent with chicken.

That’s the friendly advice.

Now, I know you are hungry, and you want to find the perfect recipe for dinner. This goes for you. Make this stew, and your family will be grateful.

Here is the Cauliflower Stew Recipe:


  • Two tablespoons coconut oil
  • One teaspoon cumin seeds
  • One medium onion, finely chopped
  • 1 cup chopped kale
  • Two teaspoons ginger paste
  • One medium head cauliflower, stemmed and cut into bite-size florets
  • One jalapeno, stemmed, seeded, chopped
  • Three ripe tomatoes, finely chopped
  • One tablespoon cumin powder
  • One tablespoon coriander powder
  • 1 can full-fat, unsweetened coconut milk
  • A teaspoon sea salt
  • One teaspoon turmeric powder
  • Two tablespoons chopped cilantro


  • Heat the coconut oil in a pot over medium heat for 30 seconds
  • Add the cumin seeds and stir until you see them sputter
  • Add the onions and cook for a minute
  • After that, add the tomatoes, stir and cook for a few minutes until you see the tomatoes soften
  • Mix the rest of the ingredients into the pot and stir together
  • Cover the pan and simmer for approximately 15 minutes
  • Stir every 5 minutes to keep it away from burning
  • Serve it into four serving bowls
  • Enjoy!

You can store the leftover in air tight container. If there is a leftover.

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