Take Over the Spotlight with These 7 Necklace Styling Ideas

A statement piece can completely transform your outfit. It can add a flair to your personality that will make your kitty-party friends turn their heads and give you a second glance. But it is as classy as the way you wear it. Sometimes, people destroy the appeal of a beautiful piece of jewelry with their bad styling sense. But others use them to make their boring dress classy and chic. 

You might want to consider adding jewelry pieces to oomph up your dreary wardrobe before you flip it upside down to find the perfect dress, or chuck it all out and get a new one. Despite the allure of overhauling your old wardrobe, we can all agree that it is a bit of an expensive affair. You might want to choose the former option to keep it affordable.

Statement necklaces are not only popular these days, but they are also relatively inexpensive. If you want the right feel and effects of a bold piece, then you better wear it the right way. Your statement piece can be anything, from a heavy choker to a bead of pearls, from bold, funky necklace to dainty gold chains. You can also wear it in countless ways, each style corresponding to a specific occasion. 

If you’re looking for some styling tips on how to wear a statement necklace, look no further. Below are some of our top recommendations. Who knows, you might find some of your favorite tips here. 

Color coordination is a must.

You cannot ruin your exquisite collection of dainty women’s necklaces by not caring about the color combinations. For instance, you can extinguish the look of your beautiful bold color dress by pairing it with the same colored necklace. Instead, you can choose a colorful necklace to go with neutral color outfits. 

Adding a colored piece to your light-colored outfit will enhance its attractiveness. In comparison, a bold necklace paired with a light-colored dress has an individual identity that complements the dress without overpowering it. 

An example is a red necklace with a plain outfit or a gold statement piece with a black ensemble.

Pair different lengths

Some people like to combine many different necklaces of different lengths to create a stunning layering effect. This type of layering is perfect for your date-night outfit and beautifies your neck. You can go for chains with tiny pendants, each with a different shape. These layered necklaces are perfect to match with dresses worn on professional dinners.

Otherwise, you can wear various gold-colored chains with a plain white shirt. You are sure to turn heads with a stylish look that goes beyond a casual look.

Paired your striped and patterned dress

Who wants to wear plain shirts all the time? I believe no one; we all want a change in our life once in a while. So, another way to wear a statement necklace is by pairing it with tops and shirts with stripes and patterns. Patterned shirts are the choice of trendy and fun-loving women, so don’t just admire them, be one too. Choosing stripes and patterns over plain tops gives you a break from your monotonous routine. Floral, animal prints, geometric shapes all work with statement necklaces.

These patterned shirts are even as suitable as your office wear but don’t pair them with thick and bold colored necklaces; instead, go with the simplest ones to keep it appropriate for the work environment. Pastel shades and neutral tones are more appropriate attire to achieve a minimal yet modish look. On the contrary, if you choose a light-colored patterned shirt for partying with your friends, pick a bright-colored necklace to enhance the aesthetic pull.

A twosome with other accessories

Though a statement necklace is enough to jack up your whole look, we all need a twist, don’t we? If you are not pleased with just a statement necklace doing enough justice to your dress and overall look, make a twosome with other accessories. Choose earrings that are neither too large nor too bold to overdo the whole look. If you want the necklace to be the center of attention, it is better to pair it with simple yet trendy accessories.

You can go with sleek bangles or small earrings that don’t take the limelight away from the necklace. Remember, overdoing can create an ugly mess that will ruin your dress and jewelry. So, pair the accessories wisely to bring out the best impression with a striking combo.

Make friends with V-neck shirts

If you want to enjoy the beauty of statement necklaces, then choosing Vi-neck shirts with them is the best decision you can make. It will add more dimension to your dress and enhance the appeal of your necklace too. When it covers your collar bones and the area beneath, be confident about your look and let it do the magic as you enter the party, family jamboree, or dinner gathering with colleagues.

Go for a full black dress

A hue that will never recede the trend till the end of time is none other than black. It not only makes you look slim, but it can be very versatile. Depending on the style of your black dress, it can make you look super chic and elegant. A black dress is a beautiful piece in itself, but a dash of color with a statement necklace can elevate its beauty even more. 

You can go for a monochrome necklace and add extra interest or opt for a popping red-colored chic but a super thin piece.

Don a Graphic Tee

The best part about having a statement necklace is that you are never short of ways to wear it; you can pair it with almost everything. Whether it is a simple party dress, work clothes, or just a simple Tee, you can grab a beautiful piece to add a dimension to your simple attire. If done the right way, it can make your old tee look like one coming straight out of your vintage collection. The best way is to pair a dark-colored graphic tee with a glamorous statement necklace studded with clear gems.


The perfect way to transform a dull day into something interesting is by adding a statement necklace to your attire. A simple addition can change the whole look of your dress and add more dimension and interest. 

You can style your statement necklace in various ways, but keep in mind the color of your dress and necklace, the pattern on your dress, and the occasion. An expensive necklace worn in the wrong way can ruin the whole look, while a simple and affordable piece donned the right way can elevate your entire look.