18 Cocktail Recipes To Spice Up Your Easter Party

Every good meal deserves an appropriate drink. After all, no menu is complete without it. Everyone have their own beverage preference and most stick to the drinks they are used to, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverages. At times like family gatherings for the holidays, you might just feel comfortable and adventurous enough to try out … Read more

20 Cocktails To Accompany Your Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving dinner menu is traditionally rich and delicious, with pumpkin pie, cranberry dishes and, of course, the turkey. All that delicious festive food deserves and equally festive drink. Give Thanksgiving a boost with these 20 sweetly spiced cocktails. Pumpkin Martini Recipe via The Frozen Turkey Recipe via Cranberry Gimlet Recipe via The Boozy Maple Orchard Recipe … Read more