16 Creative Ways To Reuse Empty Bottles And Broken Wine Glasses

This is a nice thing to do. Everybody enjoys a good glass of wine. The bottles are getting empty and sometimes the glasses are the ones that take away the pain. Jokes aside. It happens in a second. If you don’t pay much attention to what you do, that wine glass could get broken. It’s … Read more

21 Creative DIY’s To Embelish Your Boring Planters

Every home should have at least one live potted plant. A green plant or some planted flowers can’t compare to even the prettiest bouquet in a vase. Potted plants bring freshness and light, giving any place it a warm and homey feel. There are many plants and flowers to choose from, but their ultimate goal is the same, … Read more

DIY 16 Lovely Statement Necklaces From Things You Probably Already Have

The best way to make an ordinary piece of clothing more fashionable is with a more daring accessories and nothing is more daring than those lovely big statement necklaces. They truly can transform a look, but after a certain age, we tend to be more careful about the type of jewelry we purchase. If you’d like to … Read more