25 Tasty And Healthy Easter Treats Perfect For The Kids

Many delicious dishes adorn the Easter dinner table, but when you have children over, all those painstakingly prepared dishes probably won’t get a second glace. What you need to have is lot’s of tasty and fun looking treats if you want to keep your young guests happy. No matter how much you try to keep … Read more

13 Recipes For Healthy And Yummy Gummy Treats

If you’re looking for something sweet to give your kids that isn’t chocolate, then a gummy candy is a great choice. They are light, chewy, fruity and come in fun shapes and colors. But if you want to give them something really healthy, then bring out the homemade gummies. Fruit Gummy Legos Recipe via French Tea Gummies Recipe … Read more

22 Ghoulishly Healthy Halloween Bento Recipes

Halloween is all about spooky sweets, but our little ghouls need their fruits and veggies as well, especially when they are at school. Make one of these 22 healthy Halloween bentos and you can be sure that not only will  they eat everything up and you’ll also  be the coolest parent at school. The Ghosts of Quail … Read more