Crochet The Most Adorable Little Toys For Loved Ones With These 20 Free Patterns

We love getting toys for our kids and children today have countless toys to play with. Still, no matter their toy preference, the all have a weak spot for plush stuffed toys, especially if they’re a really cute ones. And the amigurumi toys are some of the cutest. The amigurumi is a Japanese crocheting technique for making cute little stuffed … Read more

15 DIY Kids’ Soaps That Are Great Stocking Stuffers

It is important for kids to learn about good hygiene, but putting a plain soap bar their stockings won’t accomplish anything. Fortunately, there are easy ways to turn an ordinary soap into one that looks almost like a toy. Try making one of these 15 soaps and you can even get your kids to help. Easy Melt & Pour Polar … Read more

12 Tips And DIY’s To Ease Your Baby’s Teething

Newborn babies are a miracle and a gift to every parent, but the first months of their lives then can make the parent’s life a living hell. From endless crying to the sleepless nights, every parent goes trough the adjusting period that is the new life of the baby And just when things calm down and the baby … Read more