15 Fun And Educational Websites For Kids Under The Age Of 13

Like it or not, our children are growing up with iPads and computers instead of toys like we did. We can’t stop the influence of technology over our children, but we can choose what kind of influence it is. If we leave our children to explore the Web unsupervised, they just might play mindless video games all … Read more

Toddler Wins Over Everyone In Disney World With Her Cute Costumes

Going to Disney World and meeting their favorite Disney characters is every child’s greatest dream. One mother didn’t think that visiting the park is exciting enough, so she sew princess dresses so that her 3-year old daughter can wear while at Disney World. You haven;t seen anything cuter than this. Alice Entering Wonderland Jennifer Rouch, a … Read more

24 Amazing Paper Dresses From A 4-Year Old Fashion Designer

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34 Babies Having Some Underwater Fun

A lot of parents are afraid of letting their precious little ones swim, let alone go under water, too afraid that they might drown. After all, if babies can choke while drinking from a bottle, what is there to say about submerging them completely. What many of them don’t understand s that they don’t have to … Read more

12 Tips And DIY’s To Ease Your Baby’s Teething

Newborn babies are a miracle and a gift to every parent, but the first months of their lives then can make the parent’s life a living hell. From endless crying to the sleepless nights, every parent goes trough the adjusting period that is the new life of the baby And just when things calm down and the baby … Read more

32 Tired Kids Who Didn’t Make It To The Bed

Every child reaches a certain age when playing becomes the most important thing in the world, while eating and sleeping are a true torture. Every parent has struggled to get their kids to bed and have heard those infamous words “I’m not sleepy” or “Just 5 more minutes” right before their kids pass out. Up to the moment when children start to … Read more