7 Ways To Stay Cool During This Summer Without Using Air Conditioning

7 Ways To Stay Cool During This Summer Without Using Air Conditioning

Staying cool is quite difficult in high temperatures during the summer season. Nowadays, people can’t imagine a single day to survive without air conditioning. However, surprisingly you can survive comfortably in summer without cooling the air electrically. The best 7 ways to stay cool this summer without using air conditioning will show you how! Using … Read more

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Make This Summer A Bit More Fun With 15 Watermelon Inspired DIY Projects

If there is was one thing that can be considered as the symbol for summer, it would be the watermelon. It is a seasonal fruit absolutely screams summer; refreshing, sweet and colorful. It has many health benefits, but it is also a source of summer inspiration in many fields. The green exterior and bright red core speckled with black seeds of … Read more

16 Flavored Ice Cubes That Won’t Water Down Your Drink

Cooling down with your favorite drink is the best feeling you can get on hot summer days. Unfortunately,drink itself doesn’t stay cool for long the summertime high temperatures. The quickest solution for a longer drinking enjoyment is putting some ice cubes in the glass. The drink will get cooler, but the downside is that with the ice … Read more

20 Fun And Healthy Summer Snack Recipes To Give Your Kids A Fruity Boost

Children are always energetic, but in the summer time they spend a lot more of that energy than any other time of the year. All that running around, playing and swimming needs to be fueled with the occasional in-between meal snack and nothing is more suitable for the summer than some fresh fruit. The sweet … Read more

The Ultimate Summer Refresment On A Stick: 20 Boozy Popsicle Recipes

Eating a cold, refreshing popsicle is part of everyone’s loving childhood memory of the summertime. As we grew older, the popsicle was left behind with many other childhood favorites. Even now we may enjoy the occasional frozen treat, but if we want to make it truly refreshing, we need to make it a “poptail”. Fir the past few … Read more

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It has been a long and harsh winter and now we can finally say that spring has arrived. The sun came out at last and we can now enjoy the mild temperatures of a true early spring. Now is the time to start preparing for short sleeved shirts and frilly skirts, and that means giving … Read more

23 Cute Summer Outfit Combinations That Will Fascinate Everyone Around You

We are just one step away of that sunny and clear sky, sunglasses, beaches, cocktails, cute summer outfits and more. How you look during the summer is extremely important because you are out most of the time. You have to be on top of your game all the time if you want to leave a … Read more