The Recipe for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the keys to living a healthy and holistic life. While most people focus on the part of the day they are awake to increase their wellness, it is the time that we allow our body to sleep that is just as important and valuable as a nutritious … Read more

10 Tips for Having a Better Night’s Sleep


Sleep is critical to function optimally. It’s not only your body’s time to recuperate, but it’s also important for so many functions throughout both your body and mind. With countless things to worry about and constantly being on-the-go, many are left feeling underwhelmed by their sleep every night. If you’re ready to find some ways … Read more

How To Get Great Results By Applying Coffee Under Your Eyes?

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25 Funny Meme’s For Mommies To Lighten Up Their Day

Being a mommy isn’t easy, no matter what people say or how good and well behaved your children are. A mother’s work is never done, be it around the house, with the kids or at work, so there are very few precious moments that you can devote only to yourself. And just when you sit down to take … Read more

32 Tired Kids Who Didn’t Make It To The Bed

Every child reaches a certain age when playing becomes the most important thing in the world, while eating and sleeping are a true torture. Every parent has struggled to get their kids to bed and have heard those infamous words “I’m not sleepy” or “Just 5 more minutes” right before their kids pass out. Up to the moment when children start to … Read more