Absolutely Stunning, Black and White Photos of Babies. Must-see!

Okay, if you are a parent than you need to consider doing something like this. Colorful pictures are awesome, but I don’t know why B&W pictures are something special. It’s like….these pictures are magnet for your eyes. You just can’t stop looking at them. Especially when these photos are from adorable babies that have the … Read more

44 Cute Pictures Of Parents And Their Little Clones

Every couple wants to have children. A family simply isn’t complete without them. Children give us reason to live and after we are gone we live on in them. From the moment we first hold them in our arms, we know that there is part of us that will always be with them. And sometimes, that … Read more

12 Lovely Hairstyle Tutorials For The Holidays

After all the shopping, present wrapping and decorating, Christmas is finally here and you deserve to look your best. Don’t worry if you can’t book an appointment at the hair salon, we got you covered with these 12 easy, festive and elegant holiday hairstyle tutorials. [alert-success]SEE ALSO: 10 Amazing and Different Mid-Length Haircuts You Will Totally Love [/alert-success] CROWN … Read more

20 Funny And Adorable Father-Child Moments

Dear mommies, often and unjustifiably we tend to scale down the role of the fathers in the early development of our children. Yet while we watch the two of them playing without a care in the world, we smile with pleasure and our hearts beat faster from joy. People say again and again that the … Read more