17 Alcohol-Free Cocktails For The New Year’s Eve Party

You can’t have a proper New Years’ Eve party without some fancy cocktails, but what to offer your guests who are still underage young adults,pregnant, not allowed to drink alcohol or are the night’s designated drivers? You make them some of these fun New year’s Eve mocktails. Pomegranate Blackberry Orange Raspberry Mocktails Recipe via Pineapple Coconut Mocktail Recipe via … Read more

18 Crafts To Make New Year’s Eve Fun For The Kids

For children, New Year is nothing to get overly excited about. After all, Christmas is waaay more fun. Even without Santa and the presents, there are ways to make New Year’s Eve fun for the kids and these ideas will help you have a entertaining welcoming of the new year for the whole family. New Years … Read more

15 Desserts To Use Up All The Christmas Candy Canes

With its white and red swirls, the candy cane has become a symbol for Christmas, almost as much as Santa and the Christmas tree. Now, with Christmas over, we are left with tons of candy canes that no one would eat, so why not use them for some New Years’ desserts? Here are some recipes … Read more

20 Ways To Reuse The Wrapping Paper Leftover From Christmas

All the presents are given and received and now we are left with the mess of torn up wrapping paper and perhaps even a few unused rolls.  Instead of throwing them all away, use them to bring some color to your home and to save on props and decorations for the New Year . We are … Read more

12 Lovely Hairstyle Tutorials For The Holidays

After all the shopping, present wrapping and decorating, Christmas is finally here and you deserve to look your best. Don’t worry if you can’t book an appointment at the hair salon, we got you covered with these 12 easy, festive and elegant holiday hairstyle tutorials. [alert-success]SEE ALSO: 10 Amazing and Different Mid-Length Haircuts You Will Totally Love [/alert-success] CROWN … Read more

25 DIY Advent Calendars For A Fun Countdown Till Christmas

Christmas is coming and the kids are getting more and more excited every passing day. Don’t let the anticipation for presents build up. Give them something to look forward to every day by making them an entertaining Christmas advent calendar. Here are 25 ways you can make one. Little Santa’s Advent Calendar Tutorial via Toilet Paper Roll Advent … Read more