Search for the Best Pearl Necklace

Search for the Best Pearl Necklace

Are you searching for some stunning necklaces for any event? That single pearl necklace makes you look astounding on each dress you wear. You can choose from an assortment of pearls, you can either choose from something or some classic pearl strings. It is essential to discover something which will suit your needs. You can … Read more

Why Should You Get a Name Necklace

Name Necklace

 Jewelry has always been a valuable and special piece of expressing and sharing emotions. Whether you’re looking for the most amazing gift for your significant other or are just updating your jewelry because you want to remain in “the know” with all the fashion changes, trends, and styles. One such piece that is exploding the … Read more

How To Turn A Flimsy Wire Into 16 Elegant Jewelry Pieces

To all jewelry lovers out there I want to give you an idea how you can “buy” new jewelry very fast. I’m not a huge fan of those fancy looking jewelry pieces that are too expensive. I always wanted something simple. Something that will make all of my friends wonder where have I bought it. … Read more

Keep Your Jewelry Organized With These Lovely 20 DIY Jewelry Displays

Combining jewelry with your outfit transforms it completely. Necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, these are accessories that can turn any plain clothing into a stylish piece. They are also a lot more affordable than getting new clothes, so it is no wonder that we accumulate so many jewelry pieces. When it comes to storing all our jewelry, the … Read more

From The Tool Box To Your Jewelry Box 24 DIY Hardware Jewelry

Replenishing our jewelry stock isn’t always possible due to our limited budget. In those desperate moments we might even try our hand at making some jewelry pieces ourselves. For that we need all the basic jewelry making supplies, like chains, hooks and beads which all cost money and in the end we might end up spending more than actually … Read more

Make Some Cute And Some Fancy Easter Jewelry With These 21 Tutorials

No matter how much we love jewelry, when it comes to holiday themed pieces, most of us feel like it simply isn’t worth buying them. After all, you can wear those pieces only for a short while and the money spend on them can be put to much better use for the holiday. Despite that, we can’t help but think … Read more

16 Lucky Green Jewelry For St. Patty’s You Can DIY Today

Adding a few accessories to your clothes can make a world of a difference to your overall look. Maybe that’s why we own so many jewelry pieces. Even so, there are times and occasions when we still feel we don’t have enough, like for St. Patrick’s Day. Unless your favorite color is green, you probably don’t … Read more

DIY 16 Lovely Statement Necklaces From Things You Probably Already Have

The best way to make an ordinary piece of clothing more fashionable is with a more daring accessories and nothing is more daring than those lovely big statement necklaces. They truly can transform a look, but after a certain age, we tend to be more careful about the type of jewelry we purchase. If you’d like to … Read more

15 DIY’s To Liven Up Old Jewelry With Embroidery Thread

Shopping for jewelry isn’t the same after having kids. As a mother you can no longer afford to indulge yourself with fun and fashionable accessories like before. Luckily, you can breathe new life to your old jewelry with just a few rolls of colorful embroidery floss and here’s how you can do it. Sparkly Embroidery Thread … Read more