Kevin Hart Returns To Instagram With Emotional Video After The Car Accident

On September 1, 2019, Kevin Hart suffered a horrible car accident where he was severely injured. A month later, he and his wife broke silence on the comedian’s condition. As we reported back then, Hart’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, issued a statement saying that the actor is recovering, but will take things slow and won’t return … Read more

Jenifer Aniston Breaks Instagram With ‘Friends’ Reunion Photo

Who here doesn’t love ‘Friends’? It’s hard to find a person that hasn’t been wishing for a ‘Friends’ reunion for the last 15 years. Yes, this year the wildly popular sitcom celebrated 25 years since it first aired. Warner Bros, and the actors themselves made a big deal over this milestone. So, people started thinking … Read more

24 Amazing Paper Dresses From A 4-Year Old Fashion Designer

Which little girl doesn’t like to play dress up? It is fun and adorable, with only one downside: the little girl starting to ask for more and more dresses.  And that’s how play turns into problems, more specifically, budget problems. Even if you are a seamstress and you can make your own dresses, he material … Read more