10 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts in India


Dads are the real-life heroes for their families; they go far and wide to put food on the table and a roof over their heads and ensure that everyone gets their love and care. Take advantage of special occasions like Father’s Day, wedding anniversary, and birthday to express your love and appreciation with thoughtful gifts. … Read more

15 Hidden Beaches Around The World You Must Check Out

Working on your tan and relaxing on a beach is all well and good, but many beaches from famous tropical holiday destination can be quite overcrowded, even in winter months. It appears you can’t have a nice and quiet holiday on the shore, unless you visit these wonderful and secluded beaches from around the world. Furore, Italy … Read more

32 Pictures Of Innocent Childhood Play Around The World

With the start of the  new school year, there will be a lot less time for children to play. But, how do today’s children play anyway? Unfortunately, mostly indoors on computers, IPods and other gadgets and rarely outside with other kids. Children seem to grow up a lot faster than before and the merry sounds of childhood … Read more