9 Ways To Make Your New House A Home

9 Ways to Make Your New House a Home

Walking through the doors of your new house is a rewarding experience, only matched by a few other moments in life. There’s a unique scent of fresh paint, the quiet echo of empty rooms, and the sheer anticipation of starting anew. But amidst this excitement, you might find yourself feeling slightly lost. The unfamiliarity of … Read more

Sun Damage: Let’s Find Practical Solutions

Sun Damage Lets Find Practical Solutions

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to soak up some sun! But don’t forget to protect yourself from those harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage your eyes and skin. Did you know that even your furniture can suffer from the sun’s harsh rays? Ultraviolet radiation is responsible for 10% of the sun’s electromagnetic … Read more

Preparing Your Space Before Looking For Outdoor Furniture

Preparing Your Space Before Looking for Outdoor Furniture

Spending time in the backyard after a long day is one of the best pleasures when beautiful weather returns. Planning ahead ensures the yard is ready for enjoyment when the sun shines warmly. Discover smart ways to prepare your space before looking for outdoor furniture to create the ultimate backyard oasis. Accurate Measurements Matter Before shopping … Read more

6 Things that Probably Need an Upgrade in Your House


Is your home in need of an upgrade? When you think of making updates to your home, you likely think of remodeling projects and renovations, but that’s not necessarily the only way to make a change! Making more minor upgrades throughout your house can actually give your space a whole new feel while enhancing the … Read more

17 Cheap And Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Space With Washi Tape

Have you heard of Washi Tape? It’s that simple and decorative tape that will “spice” things a little bit. I often use it to “fulfil” an empty wall. The free space in my kitchen is decorated with Washi Tape. I was so into this cheap way of decorating that my husband felt worried. I was … Read more

Modern Bedroom Designs That Will Give You the Best Dreams

When it comes to bedroom I’m always ready to bring the best of it! It’s not only the bed that needs to be soft and perfect. I can agree that it’s the main character in the whole bedroom movie, but still when everything is so well designed I believe you sleep better. Just compare these … Read more

See This Creative Way Of Using Your Space by Displaying All of Your Stuff

Yes! This is just what you need. If you complain too much that you don’t know where to put all of the stuff you have at your home, we might have the best solution for that. Why not displaying them all around the house? You think that’s weird? – Well when you see these 19 … Read more