Celebrities In Halloween Costumes 2019, Part 1

The parties for Halloween are here and most celebrities don’t miss the opportunity to turn heads and be in the spotlight. Plus, it’s so much fun! We all know it, they all know it! Is it because of all the fun that the holiday is being celebrated longer and longer every year? As of Thursday … Read more

Halloween Is Coming: Hailey Bieber Will Be Celebrating As A Christian Woman Claiming Candy

Halloween is getting close and celebrities are preparing their masks trying to amaze everyone or shock everyone. This year Hailey Bieber asked from her fans ideas for her Halloween costume. In her IG story, the model wrote: “Give me ideas for Haloween!!!!” After this story, the 22-years old model was criticised by her followers. “Aren’t … Read more

How To Sort Your Kids’ Halloween Candy Like An Expert


After along night of trick or treating, your little ghouls have brought in the loot. Now, to prevent some candy induced energy-boosts and tummy-aches, you need to take away some of those candies, yet leaving them some to enjoy. Here’s how to make the right choice. Easiest Upgrade: Peanut butter cups Healthiest Chocolate: Mini dark chocolates Best for Allergies: Gummies … Read more

18 Last Minute Spooky DIY Halloween Jewelry

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13 Easy And Amazing Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

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18 Easy DIY Costumes For Your Baby’s First Halloween

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Two Cute Babies Counting Down To Halloween In Different Costumes

We love dressing up our little ones for Halloween, but we usually get one costume per year and sometimes it is so hard to choose one from all those adorable baby costumes. Well, these two mothers decided to try them all out and the photo-session of their little darlings will send your cute-meter spinning out of control. Charlie Brown And Snoopy … Read more

22 Ghoulishly Healthy Halloween Bento Recipes

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20 Neat DIY’s For No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

You can’t have a Halloween without a Jack-O-Lantern, but making one can be quite messy. Also, not everyone is good at carving and younger kids can’t join in on the fun. So, here are 20 tutorials on creating Halloween pumpkins without carving that the whole family can make together. Typography Pumpkins Tutorial via Melted Crayon Pumpkin … Read more