What Every Backyard Party Needs: 12 DIY Outdoor Serving Stations/Carts

Running into the house for extra glasses, plates, utensils or drinks is never fun when you are hosting a backyard party. Having a spare of everything outside is a nice solution, but you can’t leave all those things lying around in the open and just anywhere. What you need is some kind of a serving station. Something … Read more

13 Incredibly Useful Ways You Can Repurpose The Old Worn-Out Car Tire

There is at least one old car tire in every home. It is probably stacked away in the garage taking up unnecessary space or still in the trunk of your car, and you haven’t even realized that the tire hides a huge makeover potential. Round furniture is very popular, round tables, round chairs or perhaps an … Read more

16 Stylish DIY Side Tables Perfect For Your Home Or Garden

Summer is the time for having fun, but also time to sit back and relax. While resting in your favorite easy chair or on the sofa with a drink or a book, having a small table at arms length is quite convenient. A side table is the perfect replacement or addition to a living room’s coffee table … Read more