29 Traditional Easter Recipes From Around The World

Easter is one of the greatest holidays in Christianity. It doesn’t matter if you’re following the Catholic, Orthodox or any other teachings of the Christian religion, we all celebrate Easter, albeit in a slightly different manner. Each country has its own way of celebrating this glorious holiday, with its own set of customs and traditions, and that includes … Read more

22 Ideas To Make Your Easter Menu Extra Special

Sharing a meal on special occasions is something people have always done. It is nice to gather everyone you care about around you and have them eat the food you’ve made with such care. For important holidays like Easter, you can go with the traditional dishes you prepare every year, but if you feel a … Read more

Easy Recipes For The Funnest Easter Breakfast Your Kids Will Have

Cooking for our family is a pleasure, but we can’t always afford the luxury of spending too much time on making the food look as fun as its delicious. After all, we have so many other things to do during the day. Still, we must allow ourselves to be a bit creative with the food … Read more

12 Tips To Dye Your Easter Eggs Using Natural Products From Your Pantry

There are many egg dyes available on the market. Different brands with every possible color shade, and not all of them will give the result you were hoping for. In the end, they are all artificial. Keeping our family safe takes the highest priority, so we do as much as we can to minimize the exposure to … Read more

My Mom Used Basil To Cure Cough. I’ve Made Her Share The Top 10 Uses for Basil

Basil, that beautiful green remedy that was used thousands of years ago. Still, many of us don’t know why we need to include basil in our lives. This traditional herb was used in many traditional cultures. Yes, basil is not only usable in the kitchen. For many of you who didn’t know basil could help … Read more

Very Strange Muffin Tin Recipes That You Will Love

I’m used to sweet muffins, that’s why these recipes are so strange for me. I have never tried a muffin made with meat loaf. When I first tried it was really strange, but I actually loved it afterwards. It fascinates me how something you have been eating your whole life now it’s changed. This change … Read more

The Food Served In Schools Around The World Compared To USA

Having a healthy and nutritious diet is essential for our kids to grow healthy and strong and helps in improving the child’s concentration and memory. Parents try to provide proper nutrition ti their children at home, but they can’t always control what they eat at school. Let’s have a look at what some school canteens are serving around the … Read more