Shower Your Home With Greenery With These 20 DIY Hanging Planters

When decorating with living plants, you not only have to search for a place where they’ll look good, but also where they can grow properly, meaning a light and airy place. Also, they need placed where children and pets won’t reach them and knock them over. For some household can’t fulfill these conditions, but luckily there is a … Read more

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21 Creative DIY’s To Embelish Your Boring Planters

Every home should have at least one live potted plant. A green plant or some planted flowers can’t compare to even the prettiest bouquet in a vase. Potted plants bring freshness and light, giving any place it a warm and homey feel. There are many plants and flowers to choose from, but their ultimate goal is the same, … Read more

Get Ready To Welcome Spring With Fun 18 DIY Floral Crowns

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