23 Adorable, Delicious And Mess-Free Easter Pops Recipes

Every good meal needs a dessert and that means cake. but when you have younger kids around, unless you feed them yourself, most of the cake will probably end up on the floor or smudged all over the place. In the end the kids will still be asking for something sweet and you’ll have a big … Read more

Cute 22 Egg Cartons DIY’s For Easter And Around The House

After you’ve done all your Easter eggs decorations, you are probably left with a nice pile of egg cartons. They are an excellent fire starter if you have a fireplace at home, but otherwise you just might get rid of them and that would be a shame. There are many more uses for egg cartons … Read more

30 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home In The Spirit Of Easter

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12 Tips To Dye Your Easter Eggs Using Natural Products From Your Pantry

There are many egg dyes available on the market. Different brands with every possible color shade, and not all of them will give the result you were hoping for. In the end, they are all artificial. Keeping our family safe takes the highest priority, so we do as much as we can to minimize the exposure to … Read more

21 Lovely DIY Centerpieces That Will Bring Color To Your Easter Table

Spring has finally come, bringing the promise of warmer weather and new life. The begging of spring is also when we celebrate Easter, the time we remember and honor our savior Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and was resurrected 3 days later. It is a joyful holiday, but what we look forward the most … Read more

These 21 Tasty Breakfast Muffins Are The Perfect Lunch Box Fillers

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