Lady Gaga’s Golden Globes Dress Listed At Auction, Valentino Claims It Was Stolen

Lady Gaga wore an amazing blue gown this year’s Golden Globes awards. The dress was designed from Valentino, and everything looked perfect until the dress showed up at Nate D. Sanders Auctions with a starting bid of $8,000. Valentino claimed the dress was stolen. Long story short, the police got involved and things escalated quickly. … Read more

The Beauty Of Nature Captured In 32 Famous Designer Dresses

Nature has been the muse for artists since ancient times and they are still drawing upon its endless beauty. While paintings of sceneries are what usually come to mind, nature inspired art pieces are more present in our lives that we realize. For example, you might have a piece of art hanging inside your closet in the form … Read more

24 Amazing Paper Dresses From A 4-Year Old Fashion Designer

Which little girl doesn’t like to play dress up? It is fun and adorable, with only one downside: the little girl starting to ask for more and more dresses.  And that’s how play turns into problems, more specifically, budget problems. Even if you are a seamstress and you can make your own dresses, he material … Read more

15 Stylish Fall Outfits For Fashionable Pregnant Ladies

Perhaps this fall you’re enjoying your late pregnancy and your belly is large enough that forces you to change your wardrobe. Keep in mind that the change doesn’t have to be drastic. All you need to remember is to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear and in no case does that mean that you always have to wear … Read more