22 Fun Ideas For Your Baby Girl’s First Birthday Photo Shoot


A year has passed with extra pounds and weakened nerves. A year without sleep or crazy nightlife, but also a year filled with the happiest and most beautiful days of your life. You will never forget the best year of your life, the first year of your baby girl’s life. Your heart melts, thinking it was … Read more

14 Adorable Heart-shaped Hairstyles For Young Ladies

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44 Cute Pictures Of Parents And Their Little Clones

Every couple wants to have children. A family simply isn’t complete without them. Children give us reason to live and after we are gone we live on in them. From the moment we first hold them in our arms, we know that there is part of us that will always be with them. And sometimes, that … Read more

25 Surreal Images With Children Created By Caras Ionut

We want our children to be able explore the world and everything in it, However, we like to keep them safe more, so on many occasions they are left with their imagination. This photographer used his work and hie imagination to create surreal worlds where children can have adventures and stay safe at the same time. World Tree … Read more

20 Funny And Adorable Father-Child Moments

Dear mommies, often and unjustifiably we tend to scale down the role of the fathers in the early development of our children. Yet while we watch the two of them playing without a care in the world, we smile with pleasure and our hearts beat faster from joy. People say again and again that the … Read more

35 Mothers And Their Mini-Me’s In Training

Mother and daughters have a very special and complicated relationship. For a mother, having a daughter means that she has someone that she will give her legacy too, a little precious person that she needs to teach everything about womanhood. She also gives her the chance and excuse to stay young and girlish a little longer. For … Read more