Reflect Beauty In Your Home With 25 DIY Decorative Mirrors

Choosing the right mirror for our bathroom is easy, going for functionality over aesthetic. Still, having a mirror that not only helps you look good but looks good itself is not a such a bad thing to have. Besides, the bathroom isn’t the only place in the house where you can mount a mirror. Just … Read more

21 Lovely DIY Centerpieces That Will Bring Color To Your Easter Table

Spring has finally come, bringing the promise of warmer weather and new life. The begging of spring is also when we celebrate Easter, the time we remember and honor our savior Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and was resurrected 3 days later. It is a joyful holiday, but what we look forward the most … Read more

38 Clever Uses And Quick Fixes With Your Unused Nail Polish

Ladies love doing their nails, and since it is very affordable. we have at least several bottles of different colored nail polish at all time. Sometimes wee end up buying nail polish in colors we thought looked pretty only to realize that we have nothing in our closet that matches them. No worries, because here are some ideas on how you … Read more