25 Delicious Energy Restoring Gluten-Free Bars

When switched to a healthy living, I missed these quick bites. They were all sweet and perfect as an after-meal snack. Now, I don’t have to worry about it. I have found many recipes that won’t harm my healthy-living-style and still give me energy to “survive” the day. People believe these snacks are all unhealthy … Read more

Awesome Breakfasts That Will Kick The Stored Fat Out

What’s a day without your perfect breakfast? Nothing. I don’t call that a day. I will admit something to you. I have a new habit. I stretch my upper and lower body every day. Somehow I developed a bad sleeping position. My left shoulder and back were feeling a little bit tight over the weekend. … Read more

Powerful Turmeric Smoothie: Can You Believe How Tasty it is?

I know I said that the ginger smoothie is my favorite one. Will you mind if I change that opinion now? Just kidding. I’ll drink both of them. I can’t get enough of these smoothies. Beside eggs, they are my favorite breakfast. How can a smoothie keep you full until lunch? – Have a smoothie … Read more

Easy Recipes For The Funnest Easter Breakfast Your Kids Will Have

Cooking for our family is a pleasure, but we can’t always afford the luxury of spending too much time on making the food look as fun as its delicious. After all, we have so many other things to do during the day. Still, we must allow ourselves to be a bit creative with the food … Read more

These 21 Tasty Breakfast Muffins Are The Perfect Lunch Box Fillers

There are mornings when sitting down for a nice breakfast is simply not possible. In those situations we look for something to eat on the go and the we usually choose to make a ham and cheese sandwich, but that can’t compare to a delicious omelet. But, what if you can have your omelet on … Read more

Some Sweet And Some Salty St. Patrick’s Foods For The Kids

No one likes paying with their food more than kids and hey certainly are more susceptible to eating any food as long as it’s colorful and fun looking. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, you don’t have to look any further for cooking ideas. Shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows are the shapes of the holiday, and don’t forget the color green. These are … Read more

20 Delicious Breakfast Or Brunch Veggie Meals Perfect For Children

One of the many things parents struggle with their children is about the food. Many children are picky eaters, not wanting to eat this or that dish, but almost all of them would rather eat anything else than those yucky vegetables. Sometimes grown-ups are no different. Despite being rather funny-tasting vegetables are crucial for a healthy and … Read more

Top 10 Healthy Food Recipes for Your Kids

“I will never cook again!” – My mom. Every time my brother refused to eat the healthy lunch my mom was preparing for the family. I am sure you can relate… Your kids won’t eat the broccoli rich lunch? – Spare your trouble with these 10 recipes. I don’t blame them for not eating something … Read more