These Kids Were Asked What they Think About their Moms. Adorable and Emotional!

Before we start we need to tell you that what you are about to see is very emotional and you need to grab few tissues while watching it. The story behind this video footage is amazing. A church located in North Carolina decided to make an experiment to prove what parenting actually means. They interviewed … Read more

Toddler Wins Over Everyone In Disney World With Her Cute Costumes

Going to Disney World and meeting their favorite Disney characters is every child’s greatest dream. One mother didn’t think that visiting the park is exciting enough, so she sew princess dresses so that her 3-year old daughter can wear while at Disney World. You haven;t seen anything cuter than this. Alice Entering Wonderland Jennifer Rouch, a … Read more

The Most Adorable Recreations Of 23 Disney’s Princesses

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