Symptom Relief with Cannabis

Can medical cannabis be advantageous for human health? You bet.  

Hear me out. Despite its downsides that we already are aware of, medical cannabis helps the human body in numerous ways. It reduces the after-effects of cancer treatments, treats various mental diseases (including Epilepsy, Anxiety, Tourette syndrome, etc), and is known to be effective in improving sleep disorders A recent survey indicates a regular, day-to-day utilization of medical cannabis for a couple of reasons, mainly because people are looking for quick relief from:

  •         Depression
  •         Muscle Spasticity
  •         Anxiety, and
  •         Chronic Pain

The most common benefit of cannabis in pain management. It incredibly reduces chronic pain. Numerous patients use cannabis for symptom relief. If you are further interested to know what exactly a medical patient goes through while using medical cannabis for symptom relief, recall your childhood and visualize one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time- Popeye the sailor man. This one-eyes sailor would quickly turn into a one-man-army as soon as he consumes his power booster- spinach. It made all of his weakness and pains, soreness fade away, proliferating his strength. 

This is exactly how I feel, as a patient and consumer of medical cannabis. From my standpoint, I live two lives: one is filled with symptoms, miseries, and pains, making me beseech for medication. And the other where I fail to recall any physical distress at all, just like our favorite sailor man. The endocannabinoid system is designed in a way to work with further systems all over our body, making it feasible and facile for cannabis to put an end to the torturing health conditions of a countless number of people all over the planet.

As much as I acknowledge the significance of cannabis in my life and its inordinate impact time after time, I often wonder if other patients would agree with me or not. To investigate further, I approached other warriors like me, who were fighting numerous health conditions and asked them to share their perceptions. To my utter surprise, I wasn’t the only one amazed by the miraculous impacts of cannabis.

Stories from Patients That Would Change Your Perception About Medical Cannabis

  1.     “I remember before using cannabis, my skin, lungs, and joints used to be full of chronic pain. But after using cannabis, the pain seems to be melted away. The deep breaths feel so good and the pain starts to vanish, giving me a sense of relief along with a combination of comfort and weightlessness throughout my body.”- Stefanie Taylor, 36, Mixed Connectiveness Tissue Disease, san Diego, CA
  1.     “Funnily enough, as soon as I begin to smile without a reason and fasten up my pace of talking, I know it is the very moment when cannabis starts kicking in. I’ve been suffering from chronic pain for quite a while and it is very torturing, but the moment THC hit me, I feel light and the miserable burden fades away. I can do all my tasks without any discomfort and without being couch-locked. Otherwise, I feel like an aging man with unbearable pain.”- Brian Penny, 39, Tucson, AZ
  2.     “One of the adverse impacts of fibro is poor sleep. I was unable to have the right, relaxing sleep for years until I finally discovered the phenomenal results of cannabis. After welcoming cannabis to my life, my sleep is cozy, my legs are pain-free, my mind is calm, and my mornings are more energetic than ever!”- Sophie Ryan, 55, Fibromyalgia, CA

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