Suspect Your Guy Might be Cheating? Here’s What to Do

You know something is off, but you just can’t prove it. You don’t want to confront your guy with an ugly truth that might turn out not to be true at all, so you wait. Except, the more you wait, the more miserable you become and the more certain you are that your significant other is cheating on you. The signs are there, you just need to be able to prove it. Below, you can find a few things that will help you prove whether your guy is cheating, or not. 

Use a cellphone number lookup site

Take advantage of a cell phone number lookup site that will allow you to look up suspicious numbers from your boyfriend’s cell phone records. You just need to gather the numbers that look suspicious and you’ll be ready to start. 

Write out a list of everything you’ve noticed

Take some time and make a list of everything that you have noticed that makes you think your guy might be cheating. This exercise allows you to get your thoughts on paper, and help you develop a clear picture of what might be going on. It will also allow you to release some of the emotional turmoil you’re suffering through as well. 

Choose to investigate or not to investigate

One of the hardest decisions you’re going to make is choosing whether to investigate your suspicions or not. You have three choices, you can confront your boyfriend with your suspicions, you can ignore them, or you can continue to investigate on your own until you find proof. Your best course of action is to take the high road and talk to him, but the choice is yours and you have to do what you think is right for you and your relationship. 

Now that you know a few of the top things that you can do when you suspect your guy of cheating, it’s time to move into a few of the top mistakes you don’t want to make. 

Don’t lose your cool 

The worst thing you can do is to lose your cool when you’re confronting your boyfriend with the possibility that he might be cheating. You won’t get your point across if you’re screaming, ranting, and throwing things, because he’s just going to tell you that you’re crazy, and he’s probably right to a point. Try to keep your cool, gather your evidence, and calmly confront him when the time comes. 

Don’t confront him with no proof

You can call him a cheater all you want, but the fact is if you have no proof then you have no proof. You can’t be wrong if you have pictures, or texts, or phone calls that you have traced. If all you have are suspicions, then you’re just going to make him nervous by confronting him, and he’s going to get better at hiding his cheating from you. It may be hard, but wait until you have concrete proof before launching a battle. 

Don’t confront the other woman

While it may be beyond tempting, confronting the other woman isn’t going to get you anywhere. The woman may not have even known that your boyfriend was in a relationship. Your anger should start with your man, not the woman who is seeing him. 

These are just a few of the top things that you can do if you suspect your guy is cheating. From investigating to confronting, just make sure that you do all of it safely and calmly, if you want to get to the bottom of your suspicions. 

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