Surgical Treatment for Back Pain

Are you someone who has dealt with an extreme backache for months or years now?

Do you try exercises and different ways to reduce the pain, but no matter what you do, nothing seems to work out?

It is true that any sort of pain is discomforting and can greatly affect how you perform daily activities, but you must focus on getting a treatment done and not giving up whatsoever.

Although there are many types of treatment out there, we will be talking about the most common ones: epidural injections, Rhizotomy, spinal cord stimulation, and Kyphoplasty.

Once you finalize a surgical treatment for your back pain. Choosing a reliable and experienced surgeon like Dr. Randall F. Dryer from Spine CTSI should be your next step. Spine surgeries are quite delicate and you might deal with a downtime of 1-4 weeks depending on the severity of your back the type of surgery you go with. Personalized care at that point of time will ease up your recovery process.

Epidural injections

This common injection procedure is done on those patients who have found resistance to all other types of medicines, such as pain killers and numbing medicines. The injection can reduce neck, arm, back, and leg pain, which is caused by the inflamed or excessive narrowness of spinal nerves.

After getting the injection, it is common to experience numbness or for a day or two. The injection can be taken five to six times a year, depending on how severe the case is. The average cost of epidural injections is 500-$600 or can even go up to $1000 depending on severity.


Now, moving on to the next procedure, which is a surgical one, is performed on patients with extreme intolerable back pain caused by dead problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord.

The treatment’s effect can last up to five to six months, but the chances of the nerve root growing back are high, so the treatment may need to be performed again. This surgical procedure requires the patients to stay awake to give feedback to the doctors about pain etc.

There are different Rhizotomy procedure levels done, depending on the level of pain and damage in the spinal cord. Hence the prices range from $800-$1500.

Spinal cord stimulation

The next type of surgical treatment is spinal cord stimulation, which is where a small generator pulse known as a stimulator is placed inside the patient’s body. Along with a thin wire, the stimulator sends a small electric current through the lead to specific spinal nerves.

One of the side effects of this treatment is that it can cause infection, allergy, and extreme pain. This treatment’s cost varies from $33,000-$58,000, depending on the patient’s condition.


Lastly, this last procedure is known as kyphoplasty is done which is done to treat fractures and pain by inflating a balloon near the spinal cord and then putting an acrylic bone into a fracture to cause the bone to stand straight and be still.

The treatment costs about $3000-$6000, which again depends on the patient’s condition.


So these are some common surgical procedures done that help to reduce back pain. Find out more about bowie pain management.