Super Cute First Birthday Invitations Everyone Will Love

A baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone for parents. Kids grow so fast these days; it’s only a matter of days before they turn 1. It’s almost as if you sent out their birth announcement card! Soon enough, you’ll be making a guest list for their first birthday party. 

Kids as young as one are barely aware of the concept of friends, so you can take full advantage of this and invite anyone you like before the time comes where you have to send invites out to their whole class.

There’s tons of inspiration out for first birthday invitations, but here are a few top picks!

Themed invites

As babies grow, they tend to look at their outside world with tons of fascination. Most kids end up being obsessed with a certain kind of cartoon or something at this age, and this prompts parents to throw a themed birthday party. 

For example, if a boy is obsessed with dinosaurs, parents will throw a dinosaur-themed birthday party filled with terrestrial shades of green, brown, and yellow and dinosaur-themed food and party favors. For such a birthday, cute dinosaur-themed invites will look super adorable! 

Make use of cartoonish designs

If your little one is particularly social and has made a friend group around themselves, you might want to go for an invite with a cartoon graphic on it. This is also great for birthday parties that revolve around no particular theme. Use lots of bright colors to make it look like a kid’s birthday invite and not a wedding invitation. 

This way, the invite is fun for kids and gets them excited to visit. Babies are quite simple to impress.

Use online programs

There are tons of online programs now that you can use to make an invite, and they’ll follow up on RSVPs for you. This will keep one burden off your shoulders. 

The way these programs work is they generate a link with a custom-made invite, and you can send this to whoever you’d like to invite, and it tracks RSVPs. They generate some of the most adorable invites and prove to be super convenient. 

Theme Ideas

Themed birthday parties are so cute and picturesque. They’re certainly a fun way to remember a baby’s first. The world of kids interests is huge, but here are a few ideas for general themes for both genders:


While mommy and daddy are certainly the first superheroes in a child’s life, it is not long before they start getting obsessed with Captain America and Batman. This invite is certain to save the day! Kids can dress up in superhero costumes, enjoy superhero games and win themed party favors. A superhero-themed invite is certain to 


If your child is born around Halloween, this might be the perfect way to merge a Halloween party along with a birthday party. This will save you the time looking for Halloween-themed goods since stores are filled with them during the season anyways. Orange and black hues for the invite pumpkin and ghost cartoon graphics are sure to look super adorable on the cards!


This one is sure to please the princess in your life. Arranging a royalty-themed tea party for your little girl is the perfect idea for them to engage in a fairytale dream! For such a party, the invites would look fabulous in shades of pink, purple, and gold with crown decals. Kids will be sure to love looking at those special royal invites. 


Throw a pool party with kiddy pools and cool refreshing treats for a summer birthday. An ice cream cake is sure to beat the heat with this one. The invite should be filled with bright colors and stickers representing the pool party. 

Spy agents

Little kids love looking cool, and what’s a cooler way than to celebrate a spy-themed birthday. Kids as young as one cannot understand concepts like an escape room, but they can play games like hiding and seek and run races. Dress the star agent in a suit to match the theme, and you’re good to go. The invites for such a theme can be designed as a top-secret document that can pique the interest of little kids. 

The final slice

Birthday parties are a hassle to organize; however, these themed ideas will help you come up with ideas for cute invites that make the party worth going to