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Want to elevate your fashion sense, look sporty, or just protect yourself from the harsh sun rays? Sunglasses are the solution to all these things. Ever thought why celebrities always wear sunglasses? This accessory boosts your personality, no matter what outfit you wear. So, never miss sunshades, whether going to work, parties, or formal get-togethers. Of course, when it’s day time! If you are looking for a cool pair of sunglasses Layoners is the right place for you.

Why shop from us?

With so many amazing qualities, we have been winning customer’s hearts all over the world. If you want to know what sets us apart as a sunglasses brand, here you go:

  • One-stop shopping solution for all

We cater to the different desires of sunglasses lovers. We offer high-quality sunglasses for both men and women. So all your needs are covered under one roof if you are interested in buying stuff for your family or friends.

  • Ladies swimwear available

Who said you can’t look cool at a beach party? Ladies, get ready to sort out your swimwear needs from our exceptional and chic collection. We are offering one-piece and two-piece swimwear varieties, funky prints, and stripes. Choose your favorites and turn heads around.

  • Free shipping

Upgrade your sunglasses game and enjoy free shipping worldwide. Have a pleasant shopping experience and save some cash.

Range of sunglasses offered

Dedicated to fulfilling the taste and choice of everyone, Layoners brings a wide range of sunglasses for the customers. From evergreen shades, classic shades for men, graceful, and feminine options for ladies, we have it all. You’ll find classic as well as trendy shapes, bold colors, and prints.

Sunglasses for men and women

We have categorized the sunglasses into different sections for men and women. Furthermore, both sections have some ranges that include some lovely sunglasses. The following ranges are available for both men and women.

  • Trending

A fantastic thing that would make your experience better is that we add the best-selling shades under the trending section of the page. So, you can always look for the favorite options whenever you shop from us.

  • Color

Here you’ll find the right solutions to show-off the sportsperson inside you. We have a lot of shades ranging from green, blue, black, and orange, among others. Moreover, you can choose from the different styles of sunglasses available.

  • Avalon

Protect your eyes and the environment together. Avalon is a brand that deals with eco-friendly sunglasses, and we have a few of their bestselling pieces at our store.

  • Alameda

Suited to your preferences, Alameda glasses are a step ahead of the game. Shop from the range of glasses available at our store and fulfill your dream of owning these pieces.

  • Wooden

Wooden frames set you apart from the crowd. Watch out for our unique wooden sunglasses collection featuring different sizes and shapes and get the ones you love.

  • Aviator

The aviators are everyone’s favorite since they came into the market. We have some fantastic designs, so don’t miss out on the latest trends and stay in style.

As women are a lot more interested in fashion, we have two more ranges in the women’s sunglasses section.

  • Uma

If you have a bright choice, these funky sunglasses in the Uma collection might suit your choice. Available in cool shapes and colors, these are for the modern girls out there.

  • Unique

Women always like to look different, and we know how to treat their special taste. Our collection for women sunglasses has a section for ladies who have an exclusive choice. Here we have some funky, celebrity favorite cuts and styles that you’ll adore.


If there’s something that interests buyers other than the range of products is the price factor. At Layoners, we have set affordable prices on all items. Our motto is to allow you to bring forward your style game, pair our sunglasses with your outfit, and benefit from the best prices.


It’s time to set an impression wearing our amazing sunglasses. Don’t wait anymore, grab your favorite pieces that blend with your personality, and enjoy a beach day, vacation, or a regular sunny day. Don’t shy from the sun, put forward your sunglasses game, and make your style statement.

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