Summer Holiday Packing Hacks for Mums Who Practise Self Care

When you become a parent, it’s so easy for the basics of self-care to slip out of the window. Not because you make a conscious decision to care less for yourself, but because your priorities change naturally when you have kids. Your schedule gets busier than you ever thought it could be, and surviving on minimal sleep becomes completely normal, as you rush around doing general, ongoing and seemingly never-ending mummy duties. As the kids get a little bit older you may still manage to fit in a summer holiday, but as usual, you spend so much time organising them that you may forget to organise yourself? Sound familiar? Then this guide is for you!

Thankfully, Arlo Wolf has created a really nifty and useful guide for women like us who have a tight schedule. This summer holiday style guide for 2019 will help you plan your trip and still look brilliantly stylish, even when you’re run off your feet.

Why mums should still be stylish

Having children is fulfilling, and we’re sure you wouldn’t swap them for the world (on most days) – but all too often busy mums let themselves go a little in the fashion and style department. This is a tragedy! Not only does taking care of your appearance contribute to your own personal confidence and self-esteem, research suggests that the way you dress affects your energy levels and emotions. As any mum knows, energy is gold dust, so it’s a worthwhile exercise!

Travel light with floaty numbers

When you’re packing for a family it’s no surprise that you have to be space-efficient. This is really easy to do for your summer holidays, as there are all sorts of super lightweight, floaty numbers which are really in fashion at the moment. An added bonus to this type of clothing is that it’s usually multipurpose. Pack a floaty white or black dress for example. This will take up almost no space, and can be dressed down during the day with flip flops, and up at night with a night hair “up-do” and pair of shoes. Done right, you can get a few outfits out of it, and it weighs almost nothing. More space for the kids’ colouring books, then.

Include eyewear in your planning

If you are a glasses wearer, you’ll know all too well how important it is to remember those little bits and bobs that you’ll need while you’re away. Glasses case, the right cleaning solution, and lens cloths are all crucial components to any travel bag. But what if you are not a glasses wearer? You will still need to pack your favourite stylish sunglasses, of course. It’s really common for non-glasses wearers to forget to pack things such as a sturdy glasses case to keep them safe. Remember to add these little “extra bits” to your case, whether it’s for your normal glasses or sunnies, it will save you both time and money in the future. Check out women’s sunglasses and accompanying accessories from Arlo Wolf if you’re looking for inspiration.

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