Stylish Ideas for Shoes with Suits

Are you one of those men who takes ages to decide which suit to wear for a wedding, birthday or other formal celebration? And then, you take even more time deciding on which pair of shoes or boots to wear? You’re not alone, as we all like to take the time to look our best, but there are some basic fashion rules (like these) that you could follow if you want to get it right.

What do we mean by fashion rules? Of course, nothing is absolutely right or wrong, as we all have our personal taste, but there are some combinations of shoe and suit that look better, and there are some things that are simply not done!

We’ll start by laying down the golden rule of what not to wear with any suit: trainers or sneakers. This is simply a fashion faux-pas of the highest order, one that is only committed by men who really do not have any idea of class or style! No, if you’re going to wear a suit – no matter how informal or formal it may be – you need shoes, and good shoes are an indication of style.

The Black Suit Conundrum

While we talked about fashion rules, we did say that there are none that are fixed thanks to personal taste. However, with a black suit, there really is only one sensible choice: black shoes.  So, it might not be adventurous in any way, it won’t make you stand out in the crowd, but it will single you out as a classy individual with an understanding of fashion sense.

You can choose from all styles of black shoes – from the classic brogue to ankle boots – and if you click here you will find a great range from Cavani that covers all the bases. That’s one of the few firm and fixed rules dealt with, then: black suit means black shoes – it’s simple!

The Navy Suit

Another popular colour of suit, albeit one far less formal and strict than the black suit, is a navy suit. Navy blue is a great colour for a man to wear if attending an event that requires a suit but is perhaps of the smart-casual type, but what colour shoes should you choose?

The navy suit in fact lends itself to a variety of different colours, and this is one choice that will definitely be a personal one. We like a pair of black shoes with a navy suit, but also matching will be brown and burgundy, with the latter making a particularly stylish statement. Choose from classic brogues, oxfords or loafers – and do so in accordance with the event that you are attending.

A navy suit is a great choice for every wardrobe, so make sure you get one just in case you need to wear something that’s not black or grey!

Dark or Light Grey Suits

The great thing is that both dark and light grey suits are very versatile when it comes to matching them with footwear. Black looks good but can be perhaps a little to formal, and we strongly recommend you go down the burgundy or dark brown route if wearing a grey suit.

With a lighter grey, the burgundy takes things towards the less formal approach, while with a dark grey suit, a pair of highly polished burgundy oxford’s will really look the part, and set you apart from the crowd. This is a colour combination that works every time!

Other Colours

Now that summer is here, the trend for light-coloured beige or cream suits is one that takes hold, and why not as it is a great look! It’s especially stylish if you pair your pale suit with the right shoes, and we love the idea of light-brown suede loafers for the ultimate in smart-casual style, like this.

If you really want to be daring, you could even pair your cream suit with white shoes, as this is a stand-out look that is unusual, but also one that works.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting the right suit and shoe colour combination and we hope we’ve helped you see that there are some that look right, and some that don’t, so follow our advice and you’ll be the one who looks the part, every time.

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