Styling a Kimono

Women the world over choose to wear kimonos, as this clothing allows for styling numerous ways. The robe-style jacket works for casual occasions and formal events, and females find it easy to own the look. However, some ladies find they fall into a rut when wearing this apparel. Don’t make this mistake. With many ways to style a kimono, a lady finds she can wear it again and again and never look the same.

As a Dress

Kimonos function perfectly as a dress. Add a pair of dressy shoes, a nice bag, and some jewelry before heading out the door or go for a more casual look, as the look of the kimono changes with the accessories selected. Choose casual items to complement the kimono and head out for an afternoon with friends. For an evening on the town, choose dressy heels, a fancy bag, and elegant jewelry and you’ll draw attention anywhere you go. Head over to Filly Flair to see the wide selection of kimonos available today, as you will fall in love with at least one.

With Jeans

When pairing a kimono with jeans, you’ll find many styles open to you. Tie the kimono on one side and allow the jeans to show when you walk. If you don’t feel comfortable with this look, try adding a bag that clips around the waist to hold the kimono in place. This allows the clothing under the kimono to show and wearing a bag around the waist helps to define this part of the body.

As a Beach Coverup

When heading to the beach, women want something to cover the swimsuit. A kimono works in this situation, as it is easy to put on and take off. Grab a pair of flats or sandals, add some sunglasses, and fill a beach bag. Once this has been done, you are ready to head out and enjoy some fun in the sun. If you grab some food, the kimono covers the body while you are in the restaurant, so you don’t feel uncomfortable when dining. It’s also perfect for covering you up if you choose to run in a store and grab something on the way to or from the beach.

Dress Up a Casual Outfit

Many women choose jeans and a tee when they need a casual outfit. Dress this outfit up somewhat with the help of a kimono. Take the kimono off when it becomes unnecessary, but it is great to have on hand if you get cold or feel you need a dressier look. In fact, some women keep a kimono in their car rather than a jacket or shawl, so they always have a coverup on hand regardless of where they go.

Over a Strapless Dress

The kimono becomes of great help when you are wearing a strapless dress and the temperatures drop lower than you prefer. Pull the kimono on over the dress and allow your personal style to shine. The dress shows under the kimono, so you aren’t completely changing the outfit, but you remain comfortable and continue on with what you were doing before you became chilled. Select a dressy kimono for this purpose rather than a casual one, as you don’t want it to clash with the dress being worn.

With a Romper

Rompers have come back into style in recent years, and what better way to dress up a romper than with a kimono. Head to the beach or spend an afternoon just relaxing on your back porch with friends when wearing this outfit. It’s a casual look that women love and want to replicate regularly.

Together with Boots

A lady might avoid pairing her kimono with boots as she feels this combination wouldn’t look right. Nothing is further from the truth. Try the kimono with your favorite boots and it may surprise you to find just how amazing this look is. Pair the kimono with thigh-high boots or try it with a pair of booties. You might discover both outfits look great on you.

In Place of a Jacket

Women often find they avoid wearing a jacket as it is too bulky and uncomfortable. Invest in a kimono jacket and avoid this problem now and in the future. A kimono jacket covers you without being too heavy, and a woman finds she can add a belt for a look that blends in everywhere she goes. The belt defines the waist and gives the woman some shape, so it doesn’t look like she just grabbed something and threw it on. Furthermore, the blousy look complements the figure of women everywhere. Choose a belt that coordinates with the kimono and the overall outfit for a well-polished look.

With Shorts

Who says kimonos need to be worn with long pants? This item coordinates well with shorts, and some women choose a short kimono to pair with their favorite cut-offs, while others prefer a longer kimono in this situation. Add a pair of high heels for a more elegant look, or grab some flats and go out with friends for the afternoon. The ideas are truly endless when you choose this outfit as your apparel for the day and you’ll be ready for anything that comes up.

Paired with a Denim Skirt

Women often avoid wearing their kimono with a denim skirt. They worry doing so will make them look boxy. Although there is some risk of this, a woman can ensure she looks great by choosing the proper neckline for the top, the right accessories for the overall look, and the appropriate cut of skirt for her body. Try different combinations of items to see which look best on you, as you know your body better than anyone else.

A kimono is one item every woman should have in her wardrobe. Once females discover how versatile this clothing item is, they often choose to purchase additional styles. Do so. With many colors, sizes, lengths, and patterns to choose from, there is a kimono for every lady. It’s just a matter of finding those you love and want to make part of your everyday life.

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