Stunning Low-Cost Valentine Gift Ideas For Couples

Sharing is caring is not an exaggerated statement when it comes to relationships.

Getting a gift for your partner no matter the occasion has proven to increase the amount of love you have for one another. No matter how little, it goes a long way.

And you don’t need to break or rob a bank while at it; all you need is to get a gift that oozes delicate thoughts and genuine care. Our Mamabee gift guide shares a handy list of low-cost gifts you can get for your significant other this valentine:


This an excellent pick for a gift if your partner has a knack for accessories. It could be a pendant or a locket with your favorite picture, a charm bracelet, a wrist-watch, or even a simple ring. Whatever it is, your partner is bound to put it on with pride. The right jewelry will add to your other half’s shine but another way to get your babe some glitter is quality makeup.

We know you have might have no clue about shopping for makeup,  just get chatting with the customer support of a reliable makeup outlet and treat your partner to a pleasant makeup restock surprise.


Flowers are the custom emblem for love. Although “traditional,” everyone loves them still. A beautiful bouquet of roses, especially, can have anyone on cloud nine. But hey, roses aren’t the gold standard; It could be daffodils, hibiscuses, or even sunflowers.

You could even go a little extra mile by paying a visit to a flower farm so you could pick them out yourself. How romantic is that?


Nothing beats listening to a compilation of all your favorite songs. Making a custom playlist for your partner is a great idea for a gift. Every song should have a touch of you and yours. It should represent a memory or memories that are precious to your relationship. We know for certain that they’dthink about you anytime they listen to this playlist.


Going to the movies can never go out of vogue. You can get movie tickets, or better still, set up one at home and pick a romantic movie as you cuddle in each other’s arms. At any rate, let the moment count.


If your babe is a fan of the art, you can frame a painting or drawing they made, visit an art gallery, compare paintings, go for a painting class, and have a sweet memento. Savoring art is romance itself.


A day at an amusement park on your favorite rides is sure to be a fun day filled with laughter. Dare to be adventurous, try out the arcades, eat loads of candy floss or ice cream and seal the day with a kiss on the Ferris wheel.


It sounds crazy, but some couples would love to get some action *wink wink* down.

A pair of beautiful underwear or lingerie is enough to set the mood for some beautiful action!


Comedies, dramas, TV shows, anime, live sports, etc., there’s always an entertainment company that provides all that in one package. Get your partner a subscription to any of these sites and watch them scream out in joy.


A classic but a forever favorite, cakes, and chocolate never fail in activating the happy hormones. Enjoy some beautiful time with boo or bae over a box of chocolates and some cake.


Be it at a studio or with your camera, taking pictures would forever be an excellent way to share and keep memories with your partner. Dress up or dress down, PJs or dresses and suits, take several pictures and mark happy moments together.

Frame your beautiful pictures and keep them as a memory of your love.


It doesn’t matter if you have been together for ages. You should always remind them of the reasons why you love them and what you love about them. A journal or jar with cute notes filled with these reasons is a great gift.


Waking up to a tray of food has got to be one of the top best things in life. Surprise your loved one with a combination of their favorite things to eat in the morning, and that would be a superb way to start the day.


One of the most touching things is writing how you feel about someone on paper.

Letters are not really about sending messages only; it is also about expressing yourself.

Nothing screams I love you better than your own sincere words.


Despite these gifts, it is what is in your heart that counts. Count your money saved as a way of keeping your budget in check while also making Valentine’s Day special. We know how financially devastating Covid 19 has been. So, sharing without overspending is also an act of love, keeping your budget healthy for you and your sweetheart.