Stop Doing These 12 Things. You Are Damaging Your Skin

We’ve been talking about things that feed your skin, makes your skin shine, soft, etc.

What about those things that can damage your skin? – We want to make our skin perfect, but what if we are using something that can make it worse?

That’s the real purpose of this post.

Today we want to help you find out if the things you were doing to improve your skin look and health might be harmful.

Lets see…

Forgetting to use sunscreen


It’s not recommended for you to go out without a sunscreen protection. The sun’s UV rays are extremely high and getting your skin burnt is the last thing you want to experience.

Piling on too many new products at once


Look, I know they are new and you want to try them all, but this is totally unnecessary. Your skin is here to support the pilling process. However, acting irresponsible and trying new products won’t do the trick. You can easily get reverse effect.

Using high-end products because they are expensive


This is great if you have money to spend on high-end products. They usually do the same thing as the others who are labeled as low-end. Do a deeper research and find the best products that are budget friendly and meet your expectations.

Buying all-natural or organic products without reading the ingredients


This happens too often. Many people believe in companies that say “We are using only natural ingredients”. Some of them really do, but some of them not. This is just a heads up for you to check what the ingredients on the back and see if they really are natural. Your skin will be thankful!

Avoid oiling your oily skin


This is wrong in so many ways. Oiling your oily skin won’t cause breakouts. After you took a shower or washed your face you have stripped your skin of any hydration. Find your suitable moisturizer, one with little oil or oil-free, and treat your skin!

Ignoring your skin type


You won’t be able to find the suitable skin products if you ignore your skin type.

Not using your Clarisonic right


Following this link will help you find out how to use your Clarisonic properly.

Choosing physical exfoliation over chemical exfoliation


It’s important for you to know that the real thing to exfoliating properly is doing it regularly, not overdoing it and to chose the right products suitable for your skin type. The wide variety of chemical exfoliators use some crucial ingredients like glycolic and alpha hydroxyl acids or enzymes that will dissolve the dead skin and refine pores. Exactly what your skin needs.

Too much exfoliation


As I’ve said earlier. Doing proper exfoliation means not overdoing it. Your skin takes only what it needs from these products. Everything that’s too much is not good!

Using products rich with sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate


I was one of those who were using these soapy products. I thought they are great for my skin until I felt skin irritations. When I did a deeper search I found many reasons why I should avoid these products. Some of those are polluting our ground water, it has corrosive properties, it allows other chemicals go deep into our skin, emits toxic fumes when heated… etc.

Using dirty makeup brushes


I’m talking about your face. You know how sensitive it can be. When you use dirty makeup brushes you are risking getting irritated from the dirt. It’s pretty clear.

Relying on makeup cleaning wipes to wash your face


The makeup cleansing wipes contain many chemicals and sometimes alcohol just to speed up the process of removing your makeup. These chemicals could have different reactions on different skin types. Make sure you don’t rely on them too much cause your skin could easily get damaged.

Did you recognize something that needs to be eliminated from your practice?

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