Step-By-Step Instructions to Grow Potatoes at Home

To grow potatoes, or not to grow. The question is now. Okay, you can assume what book I found in my garage when I was looking for the shovel.

Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything. I was seeking to do something in my garden.

My neighbor has this small potato garden where he spends half of his day. I don’t know why, but I guess he found a way to fight boredom.

This got me thinking about what I can do in my garden. If space allows me to do something.

Grow Potatoes

Somehow this desire to find a way to grow potatoes at home didn’t want to leave my mind.

I sat on my computer to do a research and found this amazing way to do it without spending so much space on them.

It’s more of a potato tower, but it’s practical and gives plenty of vegetables.

So, are you ready for these step-by-step instructions and grow potatoes at home?


Here is the video for this:

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