Stay Young and Healthy by Doing These Ancient Tibetan Exercises

Ever since I started doing yoga for 20 minutes of my day, I feel reborn. I usually do it in the mornings. The energy I have during the day is tremendous.

When you mix yoga and food that gives me nothing but healthy benefits, you will get the winning combination.

While I was doing my morning yoga routine, my sister called me. She knows about me helping you learn more about new stuff and healthy lifestyle.

She said: “You know, I’ve been doing yoga since you’ve told me about it. I’m addicted now. I feel full with confidence and energy and my body feels like it could move a mountain”.

That’s something everyone wants to hear. After a few hours, she called me again. This time, she found these Ancient Tibetan Exercises.
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They looked awesome and that is why she decided to tell me about it.

I did a little research about what’s up with these exercises and found something really good.

Exercises were called rites in the Tibetan time. The exercises you will see below are more than 2000 years old.

These exercises are all beneficial for your health and aging system. It’s been said that they boost your energy, slow down the aging system, create clarity and mental focus, tone your body and improve the immune function.

All of these benefits packed in 5 exercises. That’s awesome.

I’ve seen them and I can say they are not much different than the yoga exercises you’ve been practicing, so far.

My sister shared them with me, and now I’m continuing the trend by sharing them with you.

Rite #1

Rite #2

Rite #3

Rite #4

Rite #5

I’m starting with these exercises next week. Who is with me?

Thank you my dear sister for sharing this with me. It will serve many people.

Continue the sharing trend by sharing this with your friends. They would love to see it!

Source: Higher Perspectives

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