Standard Rug Size Under Queen Bed

When deciding which size of rug to place under your queen bed, it can help to look at the floor plan of the room. An 8′ x 10′ area rug would be the best fit for a room with lots of square footage. This size would give you plenty of room to place it centrally at the foot of the bed and also provide ample rug coverage around the sides.

8′ x 10′

A standard size cream rug under a queen bed is eight feet by ten feet. This size provides enough space for walking around the bed. An 8’x10 rug is best suited for a smaller master bedroom, while an 8’x12 rug is best for a larger bedroom. However, the size of the rug should depend on the surrounding furniture, including the size of the bed and the room’s overall dimensions.

A 6′ x 9-foot rug is a good size to fit under a queen bed, but it will not extend underneath nightstands. A larger 9′ x 12′ rug will fit underneath the bed, and it will extend out at the sides, letting you hide any flooring that may interfere with the decor. A 5′ x 8-foot area rug should stretch out about 18 inches beyond the foot of the bed for a balanced look.

10′ x 14′

A rug of this size fits perfectly under a queen bed. Ideally, the edge of the rug would be even with the footboard, leaving two feet of space in front. This size looks best in large rooms and pairs well with floor cushions. However, it may be too large for a smaller bedroom. In these cases, a smaller rug of the same size may be used.

The most common rug size under a queen bed is 8′ x 10′. This size leaves enough room for a nightstand to be placed. It also provides plenty of room on the sides. This size is also perfect for rooms with wooden floors. This size gives a comfortable feeling underfoot and anchors the rest of the room’s furniture.

10′ x 16′

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a rug for your bedroom. The size of the bed, its orientation, and how much space you want to cover will all determine the type of rug you will need. For a queen-sized bed, you should choose a rug at least 8′ x 10′. However, if you have a king-sized bed, you will want to choose a rug that is at least 10′ x 16′. Apart from the size, the quality of the rug also plays a great role. If you can prepare rugs using materials like cotton and tencel of effective quality, then you can use them with great ease.

If you want a smaller rug for your queen-sized bed, you can use a 4’x6′ rug. This size will fit under a queen-sized bed and align with the footboard. A 5’x8′ rug will also fit under a queen-sized bed, providing that you leave two feet of room around it. This size rug also looks great in large rooms. You can accent it with floor cushions, decorative trunks, or a few floor-length ottomans.

10′ x 18′

To determine the right area rug size for your queen bed, look at the overall width of your bed. In general, you want your rug to extend approximately 24 inches on each side. If your bed is longer than your floor space, however, you may need a larger rug.

A 10′ x 14′ rug measures 304 x 426 cm and looks best in large bedrooms. This rug size also has 2.5′ of visible edge on each side. In addition, you should choose a rug size that leaves at least 18 inches of space between your nightstand and the edge of the rug underneath the bed. Alternatively, you can opt for a larger area rug size, such as a 12′ x 18′ rug.


Using a standard size rug in your home can help you tie your room together and add a sense of style. There are several rug sizes available, but choosing the right size depends on your design objective and the furniture in your home.