Stainless steel kitchen work tables: types, benefits, accessories

Stainless steel equipment, such as stainless steel kitchen work tables, is the most durable, highly functional, and wear-proof commercial component for boosting staff productivity, ensuring the smooth performance of tasks, and optimizing storage capacity. Even in conditions of intensive use, high humidity and temperature, a stainless steel table does not lose its properties and an attractive metal appearance. Stainless steel is an excellent alternative to plastic, galvanized steel, and other common materials used in the manufacturing of commercial kitchen furniture. Moreover, it will last much longer than its wooden counterparts. They are made only of quality material and do not deteriorate due to a variety of extreme environments. Stainless steel kitchen work tables are difficult to scratch, stain, damage, etc.

The catalog of the online store AmGoodSupply includes types of equipment for any budget both for commercial and private applications. Despite the reasonable and competitively low prices, stainless steel furniture is still reliable, hardwearing, and impact resistant. The quality and impeccable reputation are confirmed by positive customer feedback. Apart from stainless steel work tables, the range of AmGoodSupply products includes:

  • Commercial sinks: compartment sinks, drop-in-sinks, faucets, hand sinks, janitorial & utility sinks;
  • Wall shelves: microwave wall-hanging shelves, shelves with pot racks, wall mount shelf and wire shelf options;
  • Extra shelving: bakery racks, dunnage racks, shelving kits.

Even cost-effective equipment can be of outstanding high-premium quality, as the service-oriented company cares about each customer who is in search of a sound stainless steel solution for commercial spaces.

The most demanded types of work tables

Extra under-shelf for boosting storage capacity: in crowded commercial spaces or tight working area, it is important to consider a sufficient number of working surfaces, as well as to provide adequate storage space for keeping a certain stock of products, semi-finished goods, ingredients, utensils, pots and pans, spices and herbs, etc. Working table with one or even two under-shelves will solve the issue of lack of space. Of course, it is necessary to remember the rules of storing since the ingredients cannot be placed near cleaners and chemicals.

Casters for enhancing the cleaning procedure of the kitchen area: want to freely and without any obstacles move your table around to ensure quick and simple washing of the kitchen, then only a fully mobile table with wheels can satisfy the needs of your staff. With casters, you will get more stability and flexibility at the same time.

Stainless steel kitchen work tables with backsplash for wall protection: spanning the length of the working tabletop, the backsplash will protect the wall against any types of damages, deterioration due to exposure to excess moisture or inadvertent water splashing. Moreover, it will prevent utensils and ingredients from falling in case it is positioned alongside the other working countertops or in the middle of the room.

Diversity of available table accessories and configurations, antibacterial properties, easy care and maintenance, water and corrosion resistance are the main reasons why most food establishment owners pick stainless steel for arranging the kitchen that is the heart of every restaurant.


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