Speed Cleaning Tips From Professional Maid Services

Hiring a professional cleaning company can be an excellent short-cut to clean and organize your home. But what if the budget does not allow this time around? Well, this is where you take a speed-cleaning lesson from the experts.

Paid residential cleaners are masters of the art of efficient and fast cleaning. If you watch them at work, they do not waste time, dawdle over the job or cut corners. They know how to clean quickly and in the right manner. That being said, here are several speed-cleaning tips from professional maid services like Spotless Inc in Charlotte NC.

Schedule Home Cleaning as a Job

All professional house cleaners schedule every job, to the last minute. You will never come across a maid service that promises to come on ‘some weekend when there’s nothing happening’. Professionals always set up a schedule and you should create one as well.

Nothing feels better than having a completely clean house, but you will not achieve this by cleaning in fits & starts. The professionals do not stop until the task is done, and neither should you. So, create a weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it.

Invest in The Best Cleaning Tools

Maid service providers do not use gadgets. You will never come across them utilizing one-use tools so get rid of those flimsy cheapies and buy well-made, durable cleaning tools. Get rid of that rickety sponge mop and get a terry-covered squeeze mop or magic mop for easy and efficient floor cleaning.

Put Your Phone on Flight Mode

Distractions are common, even for professionals. If you are a person who tends to be sidetracked, then you may find yourself taking hours to completely clean your home. So, streamline your cleaning routine by getting rid of common distractions such as the phone, TV, computer etc.

Swap Out Your Soap

Quick and smart cleaning begins even before you pick up the scrubber. You can keep the shower floor and walls looking shinier by replacing conventional soaps with vegetable oil-based or glycerin-based soaps. These rinse cleaner than the conventional ones which tend to leave white and gummy scum on the walls.

Start With The Easy to Clean Stuff

Always start off simple. Clean those low-traffic rooms quickly so that you get into the mood of tackling bigger cleaning tasks in places like the bathroom and kitchen. By starting off simple, you will be inspired to clean the rest of the house and you’ll be in high gear. Depending on your house, the home office, dining room and living room are ideal places to start.

Tote The Cleaning Tools

If you watch an average homeowner clean the house, you will always see them go back and forth looking for cleaning tools and products. Where is the vacuum? Toilet brush, cleanser, squeegee? The pros like to save time and that’s why they tote all their cleaning tools. If you look at a pro’s tote tray: all cleaning items including brushes, rugs cleaners are all in there. The mop and vacuum wait in the doorway, making them easily accessible when needed.

Simplify The Cleaning Supplies

There is a reason why cleaning experts are able to tote all the items they require in a single tray- they simplify their cleaning products. Using a few multi-purpose products reduces clutter in the tote and cuts time.

Make Every Movement Count

If you observe the professionals, they do not circle a room more than once. You should be smart when cleaning so that you take the least amount of time in a particular room. Before a pro can move an inch, they will clean the mirror, scrub the sink, polish the fixtures and wipe down the counters.

Avoid being too physical with the cleaning and make every movement count.

Two Hands are Always Better Than One

The experts do not work as if one hand is in a sling and neither should you if you want to clean your home in the shortest time possible. Have a habit of using both hands. When you spray a window with one hand, wipe it down with the other. Do not scrub the counter with just one sponge.

Skip The Rarely Used Rooms- For Now

For most homes, cleaning every-other-week is not adequate. After all, you are still going to wipe the counters at the end of the day right? However, some chores just need to be done on a monthly basis. If you have a guest room or any other room that is seldom-used, you don’t have to clean them on a weekly basis. Save your time and leave them for that monthly house cleaning.

With these professional tips, you should be able to clean your home like a professional, which is quickly and in an efficient manner. Follow this house cleaning checklist to clean your house regularly. Of course, when it comes to thorough cleaning, you should consider hiring professionals once in a while. 

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