Some Ideas for Unique Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a day when all of us can indulge in our life’s darker, more creepy side and can enjoy lots of candy. It’s a lot more fun, a bit freaky, and something other than the extreme. It is a festival celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm.

Previously, however, the festival was in fact spiritual and crucially important to the religious values of the people who attended it. The celebration’s goal was to prevent as much evil as possible and for that, they used to perform specific rituals to keep away the demons, goblins, and evil ghosts. They shared stories about the underworld and mythological heroes. The concept of wearing costumes came from the way the ancients used to act in order to protect themselves from evil through getting dressed up as bizarre creatures so that the real monsters would not abduct or eat them.

Halloween became mainly about consumer culture and earnings in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. As per the National Retail Federation, Americans were supposed to spend $9 billion on Halloween in 2018, an estimate that keeps going up every year for the celebrations and costume arrangements. Although, fun should not get down because life is already too much with us. Wear creative costumes to celebrate halloween at its best. If you cannot come up with something uncommon to ‘be’ on halloween, try out the ideas given in this article.

Be A Dinosaur

Think about how cool would it be if you can be a real life dinosaur for Halloween? Yes, it is possible and you can surely give the exact jurassic park effects of spine-chilling to your friends and family by wearing realistic dinosaur costumes. That would be unique and for a fact, dinosaurs are our favorite monsters to get scared of, right? It will be a win-win situation for you.

Be A Tired Mom

We have observed all sorts of ideas that people follow to maintain their costume’s shine but have you ever seen someone ‘being’ the tired mom? Not talking about the actual mothers in our house but for halloween specifically. It will be nice and funny. The best thing about Halloween is that we can be anything!

Try Being One Of The Elements of Life

Elements of life are water, air, earth and fire. You might be thinking of how can one be water or air? Hold your questions. You can be the wind or the water in a low-budget. All you have to do is take a piece of cloth and dirty paint it while attaching some card sheet hands to it so people can see how damaged our world has become.

Be A Shoe

This idea might seem odd but it is definitely not a common one. There are a variety of shoes of a specific kind, be a jogger or a slipper or even a stiletto. You can create your costume while keeping the fact in mind that darker shades will not look as catchy as lighter ones but it must not dull the shine of your presence.

Be a Bookmark

Being a bookmark may seem basic but it is economical as well as a very creative idea. You can apply tricks like attaching a book with it or being inside an open book with amazing chapter marked. Tip: Pick up different shapes and vibrant colors. Play it with your innovative ideas and bet that nobody will be able to avoid you.

A Shopping bag

Being a shopping bag will be super interesting if you have chocolates and all the good stuff in there. Despite that, you can deliver a meaningful message by being full of wrappers that the trash should be in its place I.e. we must keep our earth clean because it is messing up with our environment.

All these ideas that you can try at the celebration of Halloween to stand out, give a message too. Which is to contribute to the wellbeing of all kinds. The above mentioned options can be very handy to use for the promotion of reading, cleanliness, understanding a mom’s struggles plus realizing the importance of nature.

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