Solange Knowles Finally Shared Her Secret for Beautiful Hair

Oh my, God, I love Solange. She is so perfect on and off the stage.

I must admit I’m a little bit jealous of her. She looks so perfect every time she shows up somewhere.

Her hair looks so fresh and plus, it’s perfect all the time. Like she just bought it from a store. That’s ridiculous I know.

I know there is a team working on her look before every appearance.

But for the team to handle your hair you need to take care of it.

If you don’t pay attention to your hair on a daily basis, even the most professional hairdresser won’t be able to tie the loose ends.

There has to be some secret behind it. These famous people have something they are not sharing publicly.

A secret to the beauty.

Who’s a better role model than the master herself?


Solange Knowles created a notable name for herself in the fashion world. The past few years have been really successful for her.

She makes everyone notice her hair and beauty with her appearance.

Even though she never talked about her secret and what makes her so perfect, somebody extremely close to her revealed what we wanted to know.

That’s her stylist Chuck Amos. In a recent interview with Styleblazer, Chuck shared a few natural hair care tips.

Before I get down to that, I need to tell you that Solange’s natural hair is type 4C.

  •      She uses Monoi oil shampoo and conditioner.
  •      She claimed to wash and deep condition her hair weekly. She combs out the ends first.
  •      Solange often sits under a heat cap with her hair sectioned off into clips. That helps the conditioner penetrate.
  •      After that, she rinses it clean and sections it again in 2-strand twists.
  •      When her hair gets really dry, Solange uses pure argan oil and raw shea butter.

This was revealed for a French fashion blog, Garance Dore.

You could use all of this to achieve nice and beautiful hair like her.

Now, over to what Chuck revealed. She probably follows his tips and tricks, as well.

  •      Let those natural curls and coils relax
  •      Reduce frizzing by using creams and oils
  •      Make sure the clothing and styles don’t cause breakage of your hair
  •      Avoid using chlorine-filled pools if your hair was color treated
  •      Avoid matted hair by using fewer tracks at the nape of your neck when wearing a wave

There is no way you are going to mess up your hair. These tips came from experienced stylists.

If you have a friend who has Solange’s hair type, make sure she gets this.

What’s your hair type?

Source: PositiveMed

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