Single vs. Double Sink Bathroom Vanities: What Are the Main Advantages of Each?

Whether homeowners are remodeling a bathroom or building a new home, vanities can make a big difference to the final results. Manufacturers offer a vast array of single- and double-sink bathroom vanities in dozens of styles and sizes. Whether the final choices are single- or double-sink models will depend on several factors. For example, it is essential to consider bathroom sizes, the type of plumbing required, and installation requirements. Other considerations include personal tastes, counter space, and how vanities will serve daily needs. Suppliers typically carry several models designed to meet a range of needs.

Available Space: What Can a Bathroom Accommodate?

The size of a bathroom will be a deciding factor when homeowners are deciding between vanity styles. Generally speaking, single-sink versions are the best choice for small spaces since they have minimal counter space, and cabinets are more compact. It is easy to find space-saving small vanities to suit every need. Single-sink bathroom vanities with offset sinks add an exotic touch. They are sold in sizes as small as 36-inch. As the name suggests, the sinks are not centered, but installed to the left or right, creating an eye-catching design and providing a bit more counter space.

Those who are lucky enough to have a large bathroom also have the luxury of choosing a vanity of any size. Double-sink styles give sizable spaces a more balanced look. Manufacturers offer a range of models in sizes up to 73″.

Personal Preferences: Which Vanity Fits a Buyer’s Lifestyle?

The professionals at Plumbing Lab suggest that shoppers consider how vanities will fit into everyday needs.

A single-sink model may be fine for one very organized person, but for those who need more space, the cabinetry might not have enough storage to keep a bathroom neat.

Couples and families typically want two sinks that make it easier for everyone to get ready in the morning. More than one person can use sinks without inconvenience.

Budget Considerations: How Much Do Shoppers Plan to Spend?

A final choice might ultimately boil down to cost. Per Houzz experts, if buyers want to save money, a single sink is usually the better choice. Not only do they spend less on the vanity, but plumbing will cost less, and it takes fewer cleaning products to maintain it.

Depending on the project budget, even the most cost-conscious homeowners might still be able to afford a double sink. Although two-sink styles are more expensive, suppliers offer them in a range of prices, and customers can further lower costs by selecting less expensive hardware. But, keep in mind that plumbing for a double sink will cost more than for a single-sink style. Less expensive vanities may also not be constructed as well as pricier versions.

Installation: How Complicated Will Plumbing Be?

Single-sink vanities are easier to install, which can be vital if homeowners are doing the plumbing themselves. There is only one faucet to install, so they save time. If a professional is doing the installation, a single sink can help cut costs.

Two sinks mean installing two sets of faucets and twice the plumbing. That doubles material costs and increases installation charges. It can also be more expensive to repair double-sink plumbing.

Counter Space: Two Sinks May Not Mean More Space

Having a lot of counter space is more important for some people than others. Shoppers who like to store things under a vanity cabinet or choose styles with drawers might be happy with small counters or even opt for a floating sink and install wall shelves that act as storage.

In most cases, a single-sink vanity has less counter space than a double-sink style and can quickly become cluttered. However, some styles, such as those with offset sinks, provide a surprising amount of extra space.

A double-sink vanity typically has a bigger countertop, but that is not always true. In some cases, sinks take up nearly all the room, so customers who need a place to put things while grooming should go for a model with plenty of extra counter space around the sinks.

Matters of Style: Vanities Should Match Buyers’ Decorating Tastes

Regardless of other factors, vanities should mesh with homeowners’ decorating styles. Manufacturers create sinks of all sizes and types in materials, shapes, colors, and designs to match any taste.

Single-sink vanities may appeal to those who enjoy a minimalist look that leaves a lot of area in the bathroom. Installing a smaller cabinet could also leave room for other accessories. A compact vanity could be a better option when owners are trying to match fixtures to a specific house style. For instance, single-sink vanities or stand-alone sinks often blend with the ambiance of older homes.

Double-sink vanities offer more decorating options. Their larger size makes it simple to add features such as drawers and extra storage space. There is enough wall space over them to hang more than one mirror. Longer vanities with two sinks can become decorator elements. Double-sink vanities are also in demand by house hunters, and installing them can make it easier to sell a home.

Consider a Compromise: A Trough Sink Is an Elegant Solution

In recent years the decorating community has embraced trough sinks with features that fall between single and double-sink vanities.

Trough sinks are long, single sinks that can accommodate two faucets but have one drain. They are sold in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles.

Although they are not as compact as sinks in space-saving vanities, trough sinks can fit on a single vanity that is much smaller than the average double vanity. Since there are two faucets, more than one person can use them at the same time.

Many homeowners add trough style sinks to longer vanities instead of using two sinks. The plumbing is simpler to install and the sinks are exquisite. They add a unique decorator touch.

Deciding between a single- or double-sink vanity can be challenging, but there are a few rules that make it simpler. Single-sink styles are usually less expensive, easier to install, and take up less space. Double-sink models typically have more counter and storage space and add balance to larger bathrooms. Homeowners should also buy vanities that match their decorating tastes and lifestyles.

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