Simple Upside Down Pineapple Pancakes? YES PLEASE!

Yeah, I was surprised, too.

I just couldn’t imagine how can someone do this. The pancakes would be a total mess.

The problem everyone has with pancakes is that they are too unhealthy. Who said they should be like that?

As long as you keep the ingredients healthy, they won’t make you fat. And of course, limit their intake.

Keep the unhealthy ones for your cheat day. You can’t imagine how inspired you can be when this time comes.

I usually make the healthy ones with eggs, banana, oats, and coconut oil. They are magnificent.

This time, I found something else. I couldn’t stop watching at this chef who is going to show you how to make an upside down pineapple pancakes.

No, the pineapple won’t make a mess when put on high temperature.

In fact, it will give that tasty touch you’ve been missing all the time.

It’s very simple and the result is great.

I don’t like all the ingredients that the chef added in the pancake mixture. You can make your own pancakes with healthy substitutes of these ingredients you’ll see in the video.

What do you think?

They look so good. Wait until you taste them. You will feel a pineapple revolution in your mouth!

Here is a tip: After you make the pancakes, top with a tbsp. of raw honey.

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Source: TipHero

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