Simple Steps To Protect Your Children From UV Rays

If you intend to go on a sunny trip with your kids or its likely that a bit of the summer sun might show its face, then you need to ensure that your children are sun safe. Because they have thinner skin, children are highly susceptible to harm from excessive sun exposure both in the short-term and long-term.

Too much sun within a mere few hours is enough to give your kids sunburns which can cause them blistering and distress. The situation can be made worse if the child is still an infant. Exposure across an extended period of time raises the risk of the child having skin cancer when they’re older.

Here’s how you can protect your children from harsh UV radiation from the sun.

Daily Sunscreen Will Do Wonders

Applying sunscreen on the skin of your child will help protect them from the sun for over 6 hours. What makes sunscreen an even more viable solution is that there are sunscreen products for children of all ages.

To make sure your children get the best out of sunscreen, go with products with a sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or higher. Any sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher will only cost more while doing the same work.

Also, make sure you apply daily sunscreen at least half an hour before they step outside. This will give the skin time to absorb the product.

Cover up as Much Skin as You Can

Making sure your child has on protective clothing or hats is an effective way of protecting them from the sun. Make sure they wear long-sleeved tops and pants whenever possible. Hats can help prevent sunburned scalps or foreheads. Sunglasses are also a good accessory to avoid the sun from damaging their corneas.

It might seem counterproductive having them wear clothes that cover their skin when its hot outside but as long as the clothes are light, then you should have nothing to be concerned about.

Restrict How Much Time They Spend Outside

Another good hack is to limit their playtime outdoors between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM when the sun rays are really intense.

Knowing kids, it might be difficult to pluck them from their playtime and bring them inside the house. Therefore, you can provide them with an incentive such as allowing them a bit of TV time or to play video games.

Make good use of the time they’re in the house by allowing them to have a drink of water which helps them stay hydrated. You can also reapply sunscreen on their skin.

This valuable time away from the sun will give their skin enough time to cool down and rejuvenate

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out

Even as a health-conscious adult, protecting your skin from the sun can be difficult. However, you can set a good precedence for your child. If they see you observing sun-safety measures, chances are high they’ll follow suit.

Sun safety is important for every family member, so team up with your kids and stay safe when venturing into the outdoors.


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