Silk or Mink? Here’s How To Choose

Lashes vary from type to type and no 2 lashes are the exact same. False Lashes are made from various different fibres. How do you know which lashes are for you? – sit tight, grab your coffee because you’ll know for sure after reading this. 

Let’s begin with synthetic lashes. These babies are the cheapest type of lashes you can buy. Don’t let that put you off them, these can look amazing on! They tend to have a less natural look as they are shiny, a little rough on the ends and don’t blend fully with your natural lashes. However, this doesn’t apply with every type of synthetic lash, some are more natural looking than others, and it’s totally dependent on the application. These lashes tend to be heavier and aren’t as comfortable as other lash types. 

Despite there being many different styles of lashes, from human hair to horse hair; silk and mink are amongst the most popular of the lot. There are combinations of types, for example, FleekLashes offer high quality synthetic and human hair falsies which gives you the best of both worlds, cheaper more natural looking quality lashes. 

Mink lashes are made from the soft tail fur of both Siberian and Chinese mink, a mink is an animal that is quite similar to an otter. On the other hand, the lash fibers in silk lashes are obtained from the cocoons of the silkworms. Both these styles of lashes offer a more natural look and at the same time much more comfortable. They are if not the most luxurious beauty indulgence. Okay, maybe that’s a little OTT, second to a caviar facemask.

Now you know briefly about the beautiful falsies you just can’t get enough of, we’ll list a few pros and cons – this is where you find your ideal one!

Durability – Silk is better than mink

Wearing your lashes all day long? We recommend you choose silk lashes of mink – due to them being more hard wearing. Mink lashes are delicate. If you were to forget your brolly at home on a rainy day kiss goodbye to their dramatic curl, mink lashes cannot get wet!

In terms of handling, silk can be handled more than mink in general. It is easier to clean silk lashes, the fibres are less likely to come loose and fall from the band when cleaning them after a day’s wear. Another factor you may want to consider when splurging out on a lovely pair of falsies. 

Maintenance – 2 points to silk!

Silk lashes can naturally keep their curl. When mink lashes are exposed to water they lose their curl, not only that – time is a factor too. Over time mink lashes will begin to lose their curl anyway whereas silk doesn’t.

Comfort – Mink takes this

Both these types of lashes are the lightweight and amongst all styles definitely the lightest. Mink lashes, however, are lighter than silk lashes. You can get a really dramatic and fluffy falsie look with them. The best part is, you probably won’t even notice you’re wearing them. We do warn you, mink is obtained from an animal, therefore, if you have any allergies to other animals whether it be rabbits, dog or cats we recommend you check before splashing out on a pair of mink eyelashes. 

Silk, on the other hand, doesn’t come from an animal directly rather the cocoon of the silkworm. They are hypoallergenic – to all the sensitive skin kings and queens out there, these are better for you. 

Natural look – It’s a tie

Both silk and mink fur lashes are made from natural fibres, naturally, these lashes look real as they are of course not lab made fibres. Mink lashes do give a more natural look, they’re like our very own eyelashes tapered at the ends and matte. Of course, silk does give a much more realistic look as appose to man-made lashes.

We know what you’re thinking, why not just wear human hair lashes? These are cut in the middle meaning these falsies don’t have a tapered look. 

Drama – Silk

When you’re looking to get a dramatic look silk lashes are better. They are thicker than mink fur lashes hence creating the dramatic look. Now we don’t recommend you apply mascara to false eyelashes as you simply don’t need it however, you can apply mascara to silk lashes for that added volume, try doing this with you mink beauties and they’ll lose their curl. 

Of the two types, which should I choose?

It’s quite evident that mink and silk lashes are top tier lashes that definitely do break the bank, however, they’re worth every penny. Our own preference is silk over mink simply because they’re practical – they can be used multiple times, durability makes them easier to care for and last but not least, that curl! – It won’t be lost in the rain or over time. Also, the price compared to mink, they’re cheaper!

It’s perfectly fine if you prefer mink over silk, and synthetic over both heck it doesn’t matter. It’s dependant on the person using them, the final look you’re willing to achieve. 

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