Signs To Give CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats

CBD, also known as cannabidiol and can be obtained from the hemp plant except for its seeds because that will only result as hemp seed oil and not CBD oil. When CBD oil is ingested, it utilizes cannabinoid receptors in the body by working with the endocannabinoid system.  CBD oil can’t make people feel high, unlike THC, which is another variant of the hemp plant. However, CBD products can contain at least a legal dosage of THC as long as it doesn’t go beyond 0.3% THC content. Click here to get more information about CBD treats for dogs.

CBD oil continues to gain popularity as a solution and treatment for various health concerns that it’s now used to treat some illnesses in pets as well. For example, Colorado’s State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital conducted research about how CBD oil can be useful in treating seizures in dogs, and soon there will be trials about how it affects cats as well.

Factors to Consider Before Giving CBD Oil to Your Dog or Cat

Due to a lot of people being interested in CBD-infused products, some take this opportunity to make promote illegal and unauthentic CBD products. First-time users can be deceived, so it’s best to do buy from reputable shops, make sure that you read the labels of the CBD oil that you’re going to buy as some can only be hemp seed oil instead of CBD oil itself. 

You can also check if the product is certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, as this is one of the ways to know if they followed the proper procedures and guidelines for making CBD products. This is also to ensure that the CBD oil that you have bought doesn’t contain ”spice,” which is a synthetic lab-made cannabinoid which are not proven to contain any health benefits. This can have unfavorable effects on anyone who consumes it, even with dogs and cats.

However, most of the dogs and cats owners often wonder if it’s safe to use CBD oil for their pets. It can be administered when it’s measured accurately, and it may take about consistently using it for two weeks at least to have your pet’s get accustomed to it. The dosage is usually measured based on the weight, and how severe the condition of the dogs and cats that are about to take CBD oil; to make sure, it’s preferred to consult with a veterinarian to administer which CBD oil is best for dogs and cats; view this cbd page to learn more. You may ask yourself when is the best time to give your pets CBD oil and here are some signs you can take note that says they can take CBD oil:

Anxious and Stressed

These can affect dogs and cats in various ways; there are two main factors that cause dogs and cats to be anxious or stressed, and these can be situational like external factors such as traveling, thunderstorms, or meeting new people. It also can behavioral; this can happen when they’re experiencing separation anxiety.

Incorporating CBD oil in their diet can help their body in a way that it stimulates the receptors to naturally create a natural mood stabilizer, also known as serotonin.

Joint Pain

If your pets are old and have trouble with the way walk, it can be a great idea to make your dogs and cats consume CBD oil since it can be beneficial in relieving symptoms of joint pain. CBD has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, which can help to manage the progression of joint pains that can lead to arthritis. According to a study, dogs that experience joint pain and treated with CBD are shown to be more active and experience less pain.

Digestive Issues

Diarrhea and soft stools are some of the common signs that dogs and cats might have digestive issues. Since CBD oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can help with bloating, and when their stomach starts to swell; It can also help to treat irritable bowel systems.


Various types of seizures can range in severity, frequency, and duration. Seizures, in general, are the easiest to spot. Dogs and cats can have uncontrolled motor activity, also known as tremors in the whole body, and may fall due to losing consciousness.

Treating seizures can be tricky since there are a lot of possible things that may cause seizures. As mentioned earlier, CBD oil can be used to reduce the episodes of seizures; however, dosage may need to be increased to manage different levels of seizures. When pets are placed under controlled CBD treatment, the frequency and rates of seizures reduce significantly. 

Final Word

If your dogs or cats are experiencing some health issues like what is mentioned above, you may want to consider using CBD oil for treatment. However, If you feel like there’s something wrong, trust your instincts and take them to the vet immediately. Your veterinarian can run some tests to see what causes problems as well as address any immediate medical needs. Once they have identified what’s wrong, they may further give you pieces of advice about CBD oil.

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