Sienna Taking The World By Storm With Their Innovative Formulas

Natural nail polish might not be incredibly innovative, but what Sienna has done with it completely blows the competition out of the water. The Australia-based company started from the living room of an impassioned nail tech, Danielle Egan, who had dreams of being a nomadic nail bar, but found that she could not find nail polish that reflected her values – something that has become an increasingly common issue for Millennials and Gen Zers who idealise eco-friendly solutions above all else. With this in mind, Egan set out to create her own line of nail polish that would go on to be ultra inclusive and truly made for everyone. 

The nail polish that Egan dreamed up is WUDU compliant, making it halal and fit for those of muslim faith to apply, it is also cruelty-free, non-toxic, Benzo-free, as well as the world’s first nail polish which can boast of being micro-plastic free, aluminium free and nano-particle free. All the while without sacrificing the high studio quality of Sienna’s polishes. 

The company is extremely dedicated to their cause of being as gentle to the planet as possible. The company sources renewable energy for the manufacturing of their nail polish, as well as to power their offices. On top of that, Sienna nail polish bottles (including their caps) are a hundred percent recyclable from the comfort of their consumer’s homes, but they also provide an in-house recycling program in order to encourage that their consumer base have a quick and convenient way to dispose of their used products in a humane and socially responsible manner. 

“I believe that convenience is key to saving our planet. It’s easy to throw trash out of a car window, or to crank up the air conditioning when summer gets unbearable. If there were earth-friendly solutions which require as little effort as opening a window or planting trees in the process of littering, the world would be in a much better state, which is why we continue to provide ease of access to our customers and hope that we can reach more people with our program of inclusivity.” Danielle Egan has big dreams for Sienna, which can be apparent in its global reach and campaigns to give back to the community. 

The company also raises funds to Rafiki Mwema to protect vulnerable sexual assault or abuse survivors in Kenya, “I always wanted Sienna to be a beauty brand that gives back. I’m so proud for us to be partnering again with Rafiki Mwema. The kids they love, care and advocate for have gone through so much, it’s just not fair. The work Rafiki does to heal their trauma and keep them safe is so important.”

What started as a labour of love has fuelled a movement that gently influences the eco-beauty world with their innovation and determination. Sienna has also shown other beauty product manufacturers that there is a huge market that is more than willing to throw their weight behind brands with the right idea.