Should you use a website builder or web design company?

Creating your website can quickly become a daunting and challenging task. With so many different design elements, ideas, content, and layouts having to deal with it by yourself isn’t always the best option. Today we have great alternatives to and solutions, one of it being WYSIWG or What You See Is What You Get website builders and hosting providers.

These two very independent services can become very costly, especially if you’re working with a restricted budget. More so, the needs of your website will also play a big role, as this will influence how big your website will be, and how much time and effort will be needed to get it up and running.

So, if we have website builders, like those we’ll look at below and web hosting providers, why not fuse them together? It might sound like the perfect solution, but in the grander scheme of things – you might be better off doing some well-rounded research before you make a final decision.

Below we’ll look at what the few pros and cons of using website builders are, by reviewing the top hosting companies that Sitetrail investigated quite closely:

Website builders and web hosting, what’s the difference?

Website builders – As mentioned above WYSIWG platforms offers design tool and features that will enable you to physical build and design your site to your desired needs. Although it might seem affordable, as it doesn’t involve having to code your new site, it can become somewhat limited.

Web hosting – These platforms offer you space on their servers whereby you can store your website. Different service providers can give you an array of good features, such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, cybersecurity features, and in some instances website building options.

Two in One option


Wix is one of the most popular website builders and web hosting platforms currently available. Wix offers both website building and hosting and will come at a fixed price. Although it might seem like an affordable option for novice users, Wix restricts users to certain features and tools, especially if you’re using a free plan.

More so, the Wix web hosting offer might be a well-established choice, but if you want to design a semi-complex, and very interactive website, its free website building elements are somewhat limited. We can’t miss the fact that it’s quite easy to use and convenient, but you might want to consider some alternatives.


Affordability and ease-of-use might be something you’re after, but when it comes to web hosting and web building software like GoDaddy, using just one of its offerings might be more suitable than you think. Yes, GoDaddy offers unlimited disk space, great uptime, and unlimited bandwidth, but the web host forces users to make use of its website building platform

It’s not exceedingly difficult to use, and those looking to have their website up and running within no time will find GoDaddy as a suitable option. Additionally, GoDaddy web hosting is a popular choice for those with a limited budget, but hidden features and add-ons that aren’t accounted for in your plans can become costly.

The final verdict

Although having a two in one option would be preferable, especially if you have limited financial resources and website building knowledge. These platforms make it a lot easier to use, as you’ll be able to build your website in line with the same company or hosting service thereof. In the end, it’s more desirable to have a separate website builder or designer from your hosting company. This will give you more flexibility, freedom of design, and also you can look for website builders that will cater to your specific needs.

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