Should You Move Your Furniture or Buy New When Moving?

Anyone who is considering changing homes, be it moving across the block or even moving from one part of the country to another, something that may have come across your mind is should you take your old furniture with you or should you buy new ones. There are a few ways on how to analyze this properly. The main goal is finding out which option would be cheaper for you and more rational. In this article, we will cover everything you would need to know about this before you go on to make a decision that can affect your pocket. Read on so that you can properly calculate the cost of moving.

Moving allows you to start afresh just as many people say. You get a new chance to change a lot of stuff in your life, including your job, your acquaintances and in terms of your house, maybe your belongings as well. But, some people do not want to leave behind what they had and decide to take them along. They might not be able to bring everything back, but some of the most expensive possessions can be taken to their new abode. But before we explore both options we do need to know that Moving can be customized and you can plan out any way you want so that it is beneficial for you and your wallet. 

Is it cheaper to buy new furniture or move your older ones?

Okay, first of all, you cannot name any one of these methods as right. As both have their own perks and depend on a lot of factors to actually know which one is cheaper. If you are moving across the city, or even in the same state, hiring a mover to move your stuff isn’t that expensive. It is much cheaper compared to buying new furniture. But when you are moving across the country or even outside the country, it might get very expensive for you to hire a mover to move your stuff. In such a case it is always better to sell off your previous furniture and buy new for your new house. 

If you check in the mover market, a buffet table takes $500 to move across the US. But when you go on to buy a new Buffet table from Ikea it only costs around $300 – $400. So you can see that just buying a piece of new furniture will not only save you money but also sound more logical in this scenario. On the other hand, to ship a couch according to some other movers costs around  $200 – $500. If you consider buying a new couch in this scenario you would need to count around $1000 which is almost double the amount you pay for moving the old couch. In this case, you can consider moving the couch, unless you were already planning on buying a new couch for yourself. 

There is a lot more you need to know about moving your furniture as well. Moving furniture isn’t that easy, there is a lot of paperwork you need to go through. You have to be there during the loading of your belongings as well as you need to be present at the other end to receive the stuff you are moving. Most importantly you would need to find yourself a good mover as well and compare prices with other movers. In this case, you can just consider buying new furniture from where you are heading if the costs are almost the same. 

The value of your old furniture:

There is a value to your furniture that you should know and analyze. This will help you to effectively decide whether to move them or buy new ones. Value can be of three types, the furniture’s practical value, its sentimental value, and the monetary value. 

Practical Value: The furniture that you are considering to move. Are you going to need it in your new house? Is your old furniture still usable and comfortable as well as presentable to keep in your new home? Is your new home spacious enough to give space for this piece of furniture? There are a few more questions that you would need to ask yourself for every piece of furniture that you are planning to move. 

Sentimental Value: If you have any form of emotional attachment to your piece of furniture, then it might be a primary factor in your decision to move it. The furniture could be a parting gift from your grandmother, an heirloom that has been running in your family for ages and you might want to take it with you to your new house as well. 

Monetary Value: If you have high quality furniture in your current house you may consider keeping them for the monetary value of it. High Quality furniture are really expensive to buy due to their durability and the material used to make them. High quality furniture can also be antique pieces that might have a lot of monetary value in the market. In the case of such expensive furniture it is a wise decision to ship them if the price to ship is lower than buying a new one. 

Hope this article helps you to decide on which method you should take to move your items.